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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo is known for his pleas for an attitudinal change. This phrase has been replicated in all of his statements, whether personally from his desk or through a representative. Even though it had created lots of controversies, he still maintains his stand. Honesty, faithfulness, and loyalty in the little things one do that is required. He believes we can tackle our problems if only we change our attitudes. Changing our attitudes for a positive change is the gateway towards development. It is clear that there is a need for a change in all areas, especially in leadership and corruption mentality. Also, Human Resources Practitioners have been enjoined to have a change of perspective. Others like Chukwudi Akasike and Professor Tam David West have also argued that instead of the restructuring that is been advocated, perhaps what we require is a change in our outlooks. Even Alhaji Lai Mohammed believes Nigerian Problem is about leadership and attitudinal change. Many would put the blame off on corruption but these leaders believe it’s beyond that. With the word flying all and sundry, let’s examine its meaning

Attitudinal Change?

It simply means a change in behavioral pattern, often times to something better. Your attitude is everything. To create a change of perception, it is important to create persuasive messages that would linger and change the interaction of people’s mind. A typical Nigerian is not bothered about the Nigerian factors attached to a number of things. Lateness to an event is considered normal. The elder’s wealth of experience is ignored because of a break in transmission claimed to be caused by generational gaps. Negative Attitudes have been a reason for the kick start of a campaign like War Against Indiscipline, Do the Right Thing: Transform Nigeria, Change Begins with me among others. Leaders of Tomorrow are comfortable with the confinement of their dreams. The hindrances around act like thorns to the flesh, dreams are beautiful so far as it’s not too big or too tall.  Since there is a continuum that predicts our government officials are only enjoining us with big dreams but no solution, it is by far preferable to look inwards at our spirit and rise to the advanced development of our nations. Many are dream catchers who believe the grass is greener on the other side and therefore at any given opportunity are ready to switch. Hence they abandon their homeland and possibly the development strategy they could have contributed to the nation. No wonder, make rich schemes are on the rise daily, and the queue for visas is rapidly increasing. Others are too asleep to dream dreams. They prefer to ride on other’s wings rather than sprout out theirs. They are complacent enough to accept whatever crumbs are thrown at them. ‘Make man kuku ma chop‘ attitude is the crusts of their problem. With the huge responsibility piled on them by their dependents, it’s a wonder how they smell the roses. If you don’t fight for your today, your tomorrow would question you. In all, attitudinal change starts with a speck of dust that develops into a desert of hopes. Slowly take steps to change your thoughts process, your mind, and even your actions. A rejoinder to the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo: change that attitude you currently own to something better.

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This article was first published on 18th July 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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