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In a day where the number of young Nigerians emigrating from Nigeria is possibly higher than ever before, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo provides an objective analysis of the issue: To Leave or Not To Leave?

Find some comments by readers below:

Highly enlightening

The most objective and realistic post I have seen about the situation of things in Nigeria

This is sooo insightful!! Love how detailed it is, how you explained with facts, gave guidelines for BOTH the people who want to go (and) those who want to remain and didn’t just come at us with ‘Nigeria is your home, be patriotic’

Excellent and Very Timely too!!! You summarized it and you said the most important things that Nigerians need to think and pray about at this time of our nationhood

The most objective and balanced piece I have ever read about this migration tsunami sweeping across this country… Thank you for your deep insight and wisdom

Oluwatoyinbo, who is the founder of DreamStream, is also a public speaker and coach. Indeed, the short special report is not only insightful and realistic but also balanced and fact-based.

A must read for all!

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This article was first published on 14th May 2019


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