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By Edward Chizea Nwosisi
If not let my help by simply giving you a platform to select a picture that would portray all the words your emotions carries. is a site that was conceived with the objective of giving mobile phone users, especially BlackBerry, a platform where they could download free display pictures to communicate their status, mood and to express themselves. In view of the growing demand for creative and fresh display pictures, has gone to great lengths in creating a vast collection of high quality and original display pictures (DP) in over 15 different categories.  Every week new images are uploaded to the site to meet the growing demand for fresh, new and creative DPs. Our high resolution images are original and created by a talented and creative team of illustrators, cartoonists, graphic designers and concept artists. We also have a page where you can download beautiful and colourful wallpapers all for FREE!!! The Blackberry network has opened up a whole new medium through which Memes can be transmitted. Memes are viral videos or humorous images which represent cultural and social phenomenon that are spread through social media. The Blackberry network with its well over 3 million users in Nigeria has been known to spread viral media in the form of videos and images. The eagerness to spread the latest humorous images or memes prompts many to copy the display pictures of other users and spread them. Many images are copied and transferred from one person to another until the novelty of such images wear off. Hence BB users are constantly looking for the latest and humorous images to spread. An online survey carried out showed that mobile users especially Blackberry users would appreciate a portal where they can get Display Pictures from different categories. Hence our drive to create which invariably would meet this welling need for display pictures. has created a web portal that allows mobile users to download original Nigerian DPs (Display Pictures) that helps communicate their mood, status, goals, lifestyle and ambitions, ALL FOR FREE!! What makes the Display pictures unique is in their quality and rendering. We also try to make them as indigenous as possible to appeal to Nigerians of all tribes, social and educational levels. Some categories on our site intend to promote Nigeria’s rich culture, and portraying Nigerians as a humorous and interesting people. The high level of creativity on the site is also meant to inspire creative minds. As our user base continue to grow by the minute, traffic on the site increases thus making it a viable place to advertise your products. was conceived by creative young professionals with a passion to do something different and is currently consist: Henry: An Illustrator, cartoonist, animator, and Graphic designer and with well over 8 years’ experience in digital art. Stanley: Stanley is a web developer and programmer who has designed and maintained over a 100 web sites for various organisations and companies. Dave: Dave has worked as PR consultant for various companies. He currently ensures that is given a strong web presence.  
About the Author Edward Chizea Nwosisi is a writer for He has a background in Law

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This article was first published on 30th April 2012


Dami is the editor and business developer for she is an On-Air Personality and also an Artist with a focus in sculpting and pottery.

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  • excellent article. I think they should get Nigerian brands to go viral

  • Great work guys

  • You guys are doing a Lovely job. keep it up guys!

  • Wonderful job,ride on guys,May Almighty God continue to increase us in knowledge

  • It is really a NYC site to get display picture.

  • This is a good wedsite

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