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There is an all important question which plagues many a sage, across many an age, yet there is no clear methodology to discovery. Why then do we even bother? However, man’s curious nature will not allow him (or her) to rest until there are answers to questions raised and since existence is linked to purpose, this all important question must be answered…. Methinks.
Is there a singular purpose or can someone be multi-purposed? What happens when you achieve purpose? Is that the end or does purpose evolve as a person evolves. How does purpose find expression?
So this guy in the bible, David, fascinates me. You see, David was the youngest of 8 brothers and he was a Shepherd. He was such a great shepherd, not one of his flock ever got lost. David was also a great hunter, he had to be, he killed a lion and a bear and I cannot kill a chicken, so in my books, he was a great hunter. Now the thing is, David was also a musician and a poet with majority of the Psalms being ascribed to him. David also made musical instruments. This David is getting very annoying. In addition, David was a warrior, he killed Goliath and led the armies of Israel to many victories. Oops! I forgot!! David became King over Israel and is a progenitor of Jesus, the Christ. Ah yes, the article is about purpose not David but I like the reference. So, if you asked what his purpose was when he was a Shepherd, he might have told you something different from when he had to calm Saul’s spirit (1 Samuel 16: 14-23) and most definitely, different,when he was King over Israel (2 Samuel 5). With the benefit of hindsight, we can surmise that his purpose was leadership although his skill sets would not have given us a clue and especially, not as they unfolded. The common thread through his life was that at every point and to whatever he had to do, David gave it his all, with verve and gusto. All of his skills and phased purpose found application as King of Israel. So to you who wonders what your purpose is, my advice is to be the best at whatever you do today; it may  lead you to a clear next step or you may come to your  eureka moment in retirement where you realise you found purpose at every level, simply being the best you. To Your Best You, keep rocking on!!!

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This article was first published on 7th July 2017


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