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For the most part of my life, I spent it in Port Harcourt and just like everyone in Port Harcourt, I developed a strong psychological relationship with Bole and Fish. I mean, who can even blame me. I am talking about super mature sticks of ripe plantain, slices of yam that have gone from white to golden brown leaving it a bit crunchy on the outside and moist within, some healthy fresh fish- you know those very large ones straight out of the river- that’s right, all sticking out of the roaster with a pot of peppered palm oil sauce #eyesrolling, #salivating. Going on a date, Bole and Fish may not be your top choice on the menu because it is rugged. How will you lick the oil dripping down your hands? Or crack the bones of the fish sucking out every juice. As a lady, you may not want to give the guy a wrong impression, ehe. My sister, it is a typical indoor food I repeat, indoors. So, get inside the house, take off your nice cloths into something more casual because you might ruin it with the oil, turn on the AC, head straight into the kitchen and wash your hands, pick a plate, set the bole on the plate still inside the nylon, and have the best time ever. I will upload a picture of myself someday in the act LoL. Outside Port Harcourt, in most places in Nigeria, I see roasted Plantain served with groundnut and I am certain that the people who engage in this unjust act have not gone near Port Harcourt wey sabi the thing. It is important that if you want to start the business of Bole and Fish you need to take a stroll to Port Harcourt and sit by those women for internship. For those who have been around Port Harcourt and its environs, whether you grew up or you visit from time to time, you tend to make a lot of noise about Bole and Fish because it is not just another food, its an experience you will always want to come back to.
Much Ado about Port Harcourt 'Bole'
Bole king
As a boarder in secondary school, during visiting days, it was necessary for parents to come along with Bole and Fish knowing that the children have been locked out on the experience. Bole and fish in Port Harcourt are sold along every roadside and local joints, but we all have our favourite spots.  Mine are Elekahia, Rumuola and Rumuokoro. These spots are just heavenly. I always bid for either the head or tail of the fish. Well, the next time you find yourself in Port Harcourt, do yourself the favour of dropping by at a Bole joint and afterwards, drop your review under this post.

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This article was first published on 18th September 2017


Frances Okoruwa is a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies from the University of Port Harcourt. She is passionate about seeing People and Businesses grow. She writes for fun.

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