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  Leading her professional design team by the helm to take interior design to the next level of elegance and class, Sixth Sense Decor Creative Director, Temitope Olagbegi spoke to Connect Nigeria on her love for interior design and her long term vision for Sixth Sense Decor.


CN: Tell us a bit about your professional background TO: I graduated as an accountant from the University of Lagos. Upon graduation, I realized my passion was in design and decorations so I decided to pursue my passion which led me into further education. I got a diploma from Sheffield School of Interior design and then went on to get an Advanced Diploma from the Ivy Design School, UK. pix-5 CN: What is the story behind Sixth Sense Interiors? TO: Well, the story began during my younger days – I loved improving my environment and I loved to see how I could make spaces look better. I would re-arrange my parents’ sitting room and their bedrooms before they got back from work and surprise them. I was very passionate about making sure things didn’t remain the same and I was sensitive to the effect a little more attention to detail can have on people psychologically and emotionally. pix CN: What inspired the name “Sixth Sense Interiors”? TO: While in the university, I had hoped that someday, I would graduate and find myself working in the corporate world but then that happened and I did not find fulfillment in it. So, I kept searching for more. I wanted fulfillment, better appreciation for what I believed I had on the inside of me. After twiddling with how to articulate the passion for the things I loved to do, decorating came to me as one innate talent I have. It was not really a defined profession for me then. I could only call it my Sixth Sense. All I had learned in school and all the expectations we have as human beings, I felt was on our application of the five senses we all have. The expression of my Sixth Sense in interior decorations happened to be where I found the most peace and immeasurable fulfillment. pix-4 CN: What exactly are the services your business offers? TO: Sixth Sense has three different arms responsible for offering unique interior decoration services. The retail arm is the showroom. These are set up for individuals who would like to see and view possibilities with their eyes. Our professionals engage them and talk through their spaces with them so as to achieve their desired expectation. Our manufacturing arm is for clients who want customized and bespoke products. These pieces are made in Nigeria with great attention to detail. Our consulting arm offers advisory services. There are peculiar situations people can find themselves when designing a space but with our expertise, we take the burden of our clients and we proffer several possibilities for solutions to achieve desired and appreciable results. CN: Who is your business targeted at? TO: Our company is out to satisfy everyone that is truly able to identify quality and professionalism. CN: How did you raise money to start up your business? TO: I began by selling interior pieces. I started out selling wall arts and throw cushions from the boot of my car from the day I made up my mind this was what I wanted to do. pix-2 CN: What challenges did you face starting out? TO: The major challenge I faced was in defining what it was I did. I started out at a time when interior designing was not as fashionable as it is now. I struggled with explaining to my clients why it was important for us to visit their houses rather than just sell cushions and wall arts to them. CN: How would you rate your customers’ satisfaction level? TO: I’ll rate it extremely high. This is what my team and I enjoy doing so we put our all into it ensuring that due process is maintained in giving the best to our clients by taking the burden off them. pix-6 CN: What is your unique selling point and why should Nigerians choose Sixth Sense Interiors over competitors? TO: We are simply different in style and in translation. We tune in to the personality and considerations of our clients. Our business has grown simply by the testimonials and referrals from our existing clients. In my opinion, that is the best measure of satisfaction. CN: Which books have impacted your life positively? TO: Too many. First of course will be the Bible. This book transforms my life on a daily basis. Second is Kola Oyeyemi’s Wealth Without Theft. I stayed up all night reading this. Third is Good to Great. Fourth is Brilliant Personal Development by Max Egest – I am currently reading this. pix-3   CN: What’s your long term vision for Sixth Sense Interiors? TO: To see the company compete globally in our manufacturing arm CN: What advice do you have for those who desire to start their own business? TO: I would tell them to hear from God before embarking on the journey. Moving ahead with a word from God makes the tough times more bearable. You cannot avoid the tough times. They are the stepping stones. Watch the Sixth Sense home makeover video below. )   Contact Sixth Sense via: Tel: +2348029991999 Office address: 18, Durosinmi Etti Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

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This article was first published on 13th March 2014 and updated on October 14th, 2015 at 2:55 pm

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  • Please I am interested in interior design and decorations and want to know if you do training for people. Please I’ll love to hear from you, thanks.

  • Your works are so cool…., U should consider havin an office in Abuja also….. I am a docorative wall painter….. Based in Abuja,,, Would rili want to work with you….thank you

  • Watched you on Under40ceo’s today! I love what you do. I had always loved making home spaces beautiful and unique since I was a child. I’ll like to enroll in your academy. I hope to hear from you soon.

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