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Have you ever wondered why your jeans give off an odd look after a little while? While we might be doing everything in order to keep it in good condition, it still gives off the annoying worn-out look that makes it less attractive to put on. What exactly causes this? Is it possible to make them last longer?

Positive! It only takes a few simple tips to enjoy the absence of signals that state the premature retirement of your jeans. Well, here are 5 simple tips to help in keeping your jeans a little longer.

1. Do Not Wash Too Often

Denim is not one of those fabrics that should be thrown into the laundry basket after every use. Due to its nature, washing denim jeans too often affect the colour and texture. So, except it’s a bright colour, try as much as possible not to wash after every use in order to maintain its original texture—and if you find a stain, you might as well use a brush and scrub that part off without engaging the entire fabric in laundry water.

2. Wash Them in Cold Water

Okay, there is a difference between not washing your jeans too often and not washing them at all. When you have to, wash them inside out in cold water to keep them from fading.

3. It is Better To Hand-Wash

This might be a bit inconvenient to some, but hand-washing your jeans make them last longer than merely dumping them into the washing machine. Try to engage your hands when it comes to washing your jeans, this avoids stretching the fabric and in turn, preserves them.

4. Make Use of Less Concentrated Detergent

Since we’re not trying to wash off the original colour and preserve the fabric, it’s a lot better to use a little amount of a mild detergent when washing your jeans. In any case, bar soap can be substituted for a detergent. You can always find one that is less concentrated and designed to preserve the colours of fabric.

5. Air Dry Your Jeans

Air dry your denim fabric instead of leaving them out to dry in the sunlight. Yes, it takes only a little while to have them back in your closet after drying them out in the sun, but have you thought of how much damage that can cause to the fabric? If the ultimate goal is to make your jeans last longer and avoid looking worn-out, keep them away from direct sun rays after washing. This will keep them from fading.



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This article was first published on 22nd March 2019


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