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A few days ago I came across a drawing by my first daughter and as I marveled at the detailing in the piece, she asked if I could draw and without giving it a thought I replied, “no love, not even to save my life.” She looked at me, opened her mouth as if to say something but thought again and kept mute. Two days later, she asked the same question and I gave the same reply. She then reminded me of how she too couldn’t draw even to save her life just a few years ago, precisely when she was in JSS 1, she is in SS2 now. As she walked away I remembered a particular day she had a project and spent the entire day waiting for her dad to get home so he could draw it for her, only to be so heartbroken when he vehemently refused to draw it and told her she could. She tried and tried, and eventually, she drew something. Yes, something was what we called it because it didn’t look like what she was asked to draw but it was a drawing and her dad still refused to do it for her so she submitted it anyway. Fast forward 5 years later and my baby who couldn’t draw to save her life is wowing us daily with her drawings. Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago how she started drawing and if she had lessons. I answered that she didn’t have lessons but I noticed she never stopped trying after her dad refused to draw her project for her. She just kept trying to draw and even when we didn’t recognize what she drew, she kept at it. We all truly have the ability to do so many things. We all can fit into just about every situation we find ourselves and we can choose to give up, roll over and die or we can choose to take a step, fall, get up and keep trying. Either way, we must all choose. So if you have been told you can’t or if you have failed so many times at anything, today I will say, run! Run! Keep at it till you get the result you want. Keep at it till it yields to you, the lines may be crooked today but with every stroke, it gets straighter and even if it doesn’t, carve out your own niche and soon enough, the LINE WILL BE NAMED AFTER YOU. So I say to you today, keep at it till it yields to you.
Some of my daughter’s drawings.

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This article was first published on 10th December 2017


Ifeoma C. Ik-Obi is a lawyer and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association with over thirteen years’ experience. She is a certified etiquette trainer and has facilitated trainings geared towards the development of Children, Teens, and Organizations in understanding the fundamentals of etiquette and good communications skills. An avid enthusiast of the arts, she is also an interior decorator and well... a writer of course. A wife and mother of five lovely children, she personifies work-life balance and believes her role as a wife and mother tops all other roles. She loves reading and gardening.

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12 thoughts on “MOM’S CORNER: The Line Will Be Named After You”

  • Yes I am the daddy who refused to draw the project for her. Its called tough love. Help a butterfly come out of its pupa stage, and you kill the butterfly when you thought you were helping. Fly my butterfly Zida. Daddy knew that God put it in you.

  • Isi

    Inspiring piece!!! All you need to survive is hidden deep inside of you, only if you reach for it.

  • Wow, this is really really inspiring. Keep at it Zida, there are more grounds to conquer.
    Happy Birthday darling the Lord shall crown your efforts with goodness.

  • This is beautiful!!! Her resilience is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. Once again I am encouraged to never give up!

  • I will keep at it. Thank you ma.

  • Encouraging words. We must learn to love ourselves enough to believe it’s okay to fall and try again. Love and faith are synanimous. Good one Ify.

  • Love it Ify!!! She has great talent please continue to encourage her! Great job Mama!! Ps didn’t know you had a blog. Will definitely be back? God bless!

  • First of all, I will work towards changing my horrible handwriting, then comes the drawing skills. Lol.

    Thank you ma’am for the timely piece, my doubting head needed to hear that.

  • Wow so inspired

  • Really inspiring Ify!

  • Ose

    Awwwwwww, lovely. Zida has always been a determined young woman. I remember her as a three year old. She was such a willful little thing.
    As she grew up over the years, I sometimes wondered where the willful little Zida was.
    Now I know. She is still as driven as ever beneath her completely ladylike demeanour.
    Continue to hit like a girl Zee darling.
    Much love!

  • fpy

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