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Life is an interwoven complex of distinct and exceptional qualities in one consciousness. One can only marvel at how fascinating the entire thing is from the complex geometry in plants, to energy which is the basis upon which the complex – matter – exists, to the twin water flow that never combine, to the sporadic but orderly occurrence of nature and the ever growing hunger for knowledge of mankind that nature continues to feed as man enjoys the loop of unending discoveries and innovations. At times we wonder why after having dominion over everything on earth, it is still hard for man to manifest the peace he requires. It is paramount in the nature of man to thrive in a peaceful environment. This is true in all ramifications of life as well; just as it is with animals. But rather we have deteriorated our existence with greed, ambitions, hate, misguided interpretation of natural occurrences like “Man is an animal of a higher class” which gives birth to “Life is an endless struggle of survival of the fittest”. The entire concept is foul and imprints a strong idea of negativity and animalistic tendencies in man. It is of course admissible that man is an animal but his higher sense of reasoning does compensate for his potentially animalistic drive. Even in the animal kingdom, bees for example are a colony of insects biologists call eusocial insects. They are so called for their individual specialisation. A single female reproduces, sterile workers care for young, some workers scout for nectar rich flowers and a different set of workers fetch it; some bees protect the hive. Labour is divided with each and every individual playing its role effectively. It is the same way nature works; every individual has been placed on earth to play a specific role and collectively influence or bring about a balanced order. The brainwash behind the “Survival of the fittest” in today’s world is simply “Insensitive act of humans toward one another.” A man could have a billion dollars in his name while his neighbour is starving, a man can kill a friend without remorse to see his ambition through. It is the reason some people see Hitler as a hero; the same reason trust, patience, unconditional love, truth, are all out the window these days. Warring factions step on weak ones by dividing them, rich factions turn a blind eye when poor ones are in need; powerful ones take, push, scare and crush to stay powerful. In the end all humanity is lost and animality is found. So how can we restore this lost humanity and promote harmony? It is best that you begin from yourself; find an inner place where coexistence with fellow human beings brings joy. Man, no matter how hard he tries to assume a cold and heartless personality gets that conscious sting of realisation that what he is doing is inhuman and not in his nature. Listen to that sting (aka your conscience). It is also very important that you guard our mind from the adulterated norms of the society. One should be selective in¬†adopting ideas from even friends and families because people always believe they are right and are hard to convince even when it is glaring that the topic is actually undebatable. Be an ambassador of humanity and compassion. Stay strong willed and kind! About the Writer: Bello Muhammad is a graduate of Biological Sciences. He is passionate about education and personal development. He is also a lover of chess who has featured in the West African University Games for his institution. You can contact him via Google+ and email:, phone 08152501891 and Twitter @Slimanic.  

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This article was first published on 20th July 2015

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