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  stock-share   Lead Securities & Investments Limited, a broker-dealer subsidiary of LeadCapital Plc launched LeadTrader on Tuesday, a new online real time trading platform at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). LeadTrader offers investors a secure channel to buy and sell shares of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The online trading platform provides investors the comfort and convenience of executing their trades online via a range of devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices to conform with the global best solutions for online, real-time trading of securities utilized by retail and institutional investors in developed countries. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is committed to building a world class exchange in Nigeria and by extension the West African sub-region. The launch of the X-Gen Trading Platform in September 2013, a robust 21st Century technology with FIX-enabled trading capability, providing on-line real time market data to vendors clearly demonstrates that commitment. Mr. Abimbola Olashore, Chairman, Lead Securities & Investments Limited said, “Lead Securities & Investment Limited promptly responded to the initiatives of the NSE by upgrading its existing trading infrastructure to a world class trading portal. Orders submitted via LeadTrader pass through a FIX compatible Order Management System (OMS) where appropriate compliance checks are in place to prevent erroneous orders going into the NSE’s trading platform.” Wale Adewumi, MD, LeadCapital plc said that LeadTrader gives investors full control over their mandates, adding that any investors who is concerned about trades being executed with precision to the market at any given time will find that LeadTrader is the solution. He continued, “This has been made possible with the enabling technology put in place by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and our technology partners, working together to building a security market that will match the very best in the world.”

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This article was first published on 10th April 2014

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