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While it’s been accepted that anyone can flaunt their style the way they deem fit, it’s also important to wear the right outfit that fits instead of stepping out and alarming souls – this is particularly common when you see some ladies in skirts. Skirts will forever remain one of the key essential clothing items for ladies. One fascinating quality about skirts is its versatility. It’s both attractive and dressy- could be worn for business meetings, parties, going to the movies with your girls- and you could rock the same skirt again and again. All you have to do is change the top as well as the accessories and voila you’re good to go. However, skirts can be tricky when it comes to body types, as it could be very selective in that department. Before buying a skirt you have to consider the ideal one that goes with your stature and height because the right skirt will make you look oh so fabulous but the wrong skirt will make you look frumpy. If it’s usually tough for you to know the perfect skirt for your height, here’s a guide to help you. For petite’s – under 5’3: The A-line mini skirt is perfect for petite girls. It’s high-waisted so it makes you look taller while the slight flare makes your legs look slender.
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The Envelope skirts can give the illusion of height. It’s perfect because whatever hemline you choose will elongate your legs all thanks to the diagonal style.
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Another skirt that’s an excellent choice for the petite is the Slit skirt. If you like wearing long skirts then it’s perfect because the slit effect lets you show off your legs, so you don’t feel like you’re swimming in fabric.
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For Average ladies: 5’3 – 5’7 The Midi pencil skirt gives a chic trendy look as it’s not only super flattering but also gives you an hourglass figure instantly.
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Knee-length A-line skirts are classic styles that give you the edge to show off your legs while providing a flawless proportion for your height as well.
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Fluted Hem Skirt is actually perfect for every height but the Mini version gives a flair that compliments your body and also a great way to lengthen your legs.
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Tall Ladies over 5’7 Midi skirts of any style will give you a stunning look especially the flowy Kind. It’s fashionable and gives you a classy look all the same.
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The Maxi skirt is particularly made for tall girls because while others might be swimming in the material you can rock it effortlessly. Nevermind that you’re tall, wearing a heel with your maxi skirt will make you look super stylish – opt for a kitten heel to make you feel comfy.
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The Classic straight-cut mini is another perfect skirt type for tall girls, it’s extremely fly. Rather than cover the entire waist it sits on the midriff and allows for the extra fabric to extend to your legs, even though it still shows them off.
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This article was first published on 17th October 2017


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