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Most people at some point in life will have that one job they wish they never ever had. The job with a horrible boss, an annoying co-worker, too much work, no appreciation and so on but dealing with the job is another thing entirely. If you have a job that you wake up on Monday wishing the next day was Friday or gives you palpitations and stress, it isn’t worth it. The truth is, your life is not replaceable but your position always is. If you do not have the drive to give your best to a job the best advice is to quit. Although quitting is not the first option I would give but these are the steps I would take to either making your job better or changing jobs entirely. Identify the problem: what exactly is it that makes you hate your job? Is it your boss? The work load you have? Your co-workers? You need to be able to pin point the problem before a solution can be found. If it is a situation that can be resolved with a few talks here and there, then your job might not be that big of a nightmare. Now if after identifying the problem and you know that it cannot be resolved, then the next step is for you. Identify what you want to do:  the reason your job is a nightmare might entirely rest on your shoulders. Do you actually want your job? Is it one of those jobs you get so that you can just fulfill all financial needs you may have? Have you always wanted to be a cook and you are in a hospital playing nurse? These things might be a big hindrance to you moving up in your job or life. If you are stuck doing a job you do not like then you need to find out what it is you want to do and how it is you can accomplish that rather than giving 50% at your current job. Do what you want to do: do you have a passion for a particular occupation? Find out how to get that done. You need to get more information and find out what it will cost and how you can deal with it. What to do to pursue that passion. The do and don’ts, the profits, the perks and woes; you need to research on the occupation and find out if where you are is a perfect vicinity for the passion you have. Quit your nightmare and live your dream: this is of course the last resort (quitting not living your dream). You may think your job is a nightmare but until you fully research the choice you want to embark on, you have to make sure you are doing the right thing. After the research it may be possible that your present job might begin to look very appealing. But until you are sure that what you want is not what you are doing right now, try to see how you can make it work till the decision is final. But you have to remember that your dream is very important and even if your job is not a nightmare, you can find a way to live your dream. These are a few ways to ease the nightmare a job can give.

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This article was first published on 16th May 2012 and updated on May 21st, 2012 at 4:11 pm


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