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Arik Air, Nigerian regional airline giant, has initiated a new product called the “Air Travelers’ Insurance Scheme” which will serve as a customized insurance for cover against accidents resulting to death, permanent disability, bodily injury within 90 days of the incident. The cover will in addition take care of baggage damage, missing bags, flight cancellation or delays and medical expenses. All passengers aboard Arik aircrafts flying within Nigeria can be covered by this insurance scheme. Chris Ndulue, MD Arik Air, disclosed this new scheme at the airline’s 9th year anniversary in active operation at its headquarters in Lagos. He said that the scheme is another way Arik wants to make the flying experience more comfortable and risk-free for its passengers. According to him, the insurance will cover several benefits such as paying up to N1 million naira for personal accidents, N20,000 per trip for flight cancellation/delays for more than 8 hours, N50, 000 for emergency medical expenses, N 20,ooo for missing or mishandled baggage as inconvenience allowance for each passenger, and N 20,000 for damage to baggage. To benefit from this scheme, customers are to pay N 1,000 for travel insurance when paying for a trip by purchasing an Arik passenger ticket through a Verve Card, MasterCard, Visa Card at    

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This article was first published on 6th November 2015

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