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Intel has said that it would assist Nigerian software developers, during a meeting with some developers and executives of the organization, in Co-Creation Hub, Lagos. The Director, Developer Relations Division, Wolfgang Petersen; Head, Software Alliances, Kumar Balasubramanian and the Country Manager for Nigeria, Olubunmi Ekundare, were executives of Intel at the meeting.

They spoke about potential for technology in the country, and their commitment to playing a role. Ekundare said, “Africa is an emerging economy, and in Nigeria especially, there is an abundance of natural talents. The technology sector is not lacking in these talents. It is based on these hot and natural talents that Intel visited to seek ways of partnering with them, to enhance software development in the country. The country is drastically advancing in content development, which is why we invited the global company to Nigeria to witness first-hand what our local developers are doing and how the company can assist.”

Petersen said, “For the two days we have been in the country, we have seen phenomenal ideas from software developers here at the Co-creation Hub. We have seen that there is the need to engage them and other developers around the country further, with the necessary tools that will make creating better software easier.”

“We are impressed with their energy level, and how passionate they are willing to work in developing software to solve social challenges. It becomes more phenomenal that almost 60 per cent of the population of these developers is less than 35 years. Worldwide we try to help young people to be much aware of the technologies around them. Their growth would eventually help Intel but that it is not the initial driver for us,” he concluded.

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This article was first published on 1st March 2013 and updated on March 11th, 2013 at 7:43 am

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