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Information, they say, makes the world go round. In the world of entrepreneurship, what you don’t know can cost you a lot of money and time. All you need to step into your next level is the right information. If you are just stepping into the muddy waters of entrepreneurship as an aspiring entrepreneur, wouldn’t you want to start out with an unfair advantage? Let’s assume for instance, that you have already started a business and it is flourishing by your expectations. Don’t you want to find out what is next, and how to break whatever glass ceiling is preventing you from getting your mind blown away? During the first two days of 2018, while we were all shouting Happy New Year on social media with GIFs and Emojis, Mark Zuckerberg was already making $4.16 billion, according to Time Magazine. Think about that? Who says that can’t be you? The truth is, it can be you. But for you to achieve that, you need to stop being satisfied with your current status quo and seek ways to grow your financial capabilities. It is a lifelong dream of Small and Medium scale industry to make money while they sleep. Smart work always pays better than hard work. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally understand how to automate your business, and integrate the functions of technology to speed up your work process? Sometimes, the answers we seek are barely a hair’s breath away. But we are too confined in our ways of thinking,  and in following how it has always been done that we fail to realise we need to change up our game. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. But what they don’t tell you is that it is easier to learn from other people’s experiences than to burn time, energy and resources just to get experience. One way to acquire new information is to attend conferences, workshops, business fairs, online classes and seminars. You need to be on any entrepreneurial platform, where business experiences and ideas are shared. When you go to these kinds of meet and greet, ideas are born, motivation is stirred, and the inspiration to act becomes urgent. That’s why the Connect Nigeria SME eBusiness Fair is the perfect to place to be. For the past seven years, this event has been a place to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with accomplished CEOs, veterans and technological gurus. No matter the field you are in, there is someone to inspire you. There is someone, who you can exchange numbers with or meet in person that can take your business to the next level. This year’s Business Fair comes up on the 3rd of February, and it takes place at Eko Hotels and Suites, in Lagos. So if you are out of town, this will be the best time to start planning how to avail yourself of this annual opportunity. If you want to showcase your product for others to see and get your name out there, this is the place for you too. To sponsor, exhibit or register, visit or call 0700 800 5000.  

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This article was first published on 23rd January 2018


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