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  The testimony of one customer has the ability to convert at least ten more people which will reflect in your turnover as a business. This means the more you get existing customers to talk about your business, the greater the growth you will experience as a business. You must then realize that closing a sale with a customer is only the first step to take. You must find out ways to not just retain the customer, but ensure they spread the news about you.
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However, this is not as easy as it seems. You need to first appreciate the unspoken power of one customer. It is easy to neglect a customer who seems to not bring a lot to the table. Their patronage might be little, or not so frequent. But you must realize that no customer is more important than the other. There is a potential for one customer to convert many others. With this mindset, you can proceed to do the following:
  1. Engage in post-marketing deals

Everything is so fickle, and to stay top of mind, you need to keep in touch with your customers. This begins by creating a system that retains the details of your customers after patronage. Subsequently, you can create tailor-made deals as follow up offers to your needs. If you are a food vendor, for example, and they bought meals from you, you could follow up with a meal plan that embodies all the classes of food, for their attention. This makes them know you are thinking and caring about them, and makes them constantly think about you, associating you with that niche.
  1. Increase in engagement

Create a forum where your customers can freely share their feedback, concerns and reviews. Engage ruthlessly with them online and address each of these concerns. Customers love when they get the worth of their money from their purchases. But much more, they love people who would simply listen to them. They will be moved to recommending you when they are assured of your commitment to them.
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  1. Activate online reviews

As a follow-up request, you can activate channels on your website and online platforms where automatic reviews are requested from your customers. This will constitute social proofs, and once published, have a greater tendency of conversion. Activating this channel is also an automated process, that would require little or no time, and you can focus on other things.
  1. Offer incentives

You can as well, hit the nail on the head by offering discounts, bonuses and gifts for referrals they make. In addition to the other two points, this would further seal the deal. You might get referrals without offering incentives, but you will surely get them once you reward them for their actions. Use the existing platforms you have created to inform them about the incentives and how they can be a partaker. The secret to converting your customers to fans is to ensure that the effort comes from them, and they are not pressured to make it. Once your heart is set on satisfying your customers’ needs, then you will be doing what is best for your business too. Featured Image Source: Retail Customer Experience
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This article was first published on 3rd December 2021


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