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Although it is common knowledge that some women are gold-diggers, there are so many men too who would love to be a kept-man. Money is very important in life, noted, but the love of this money drives most to the edge of the world. If the occasional sexual relations and pretense that love is the main menu is going to get the money, might as well right. Do not confuse gold-digging and wanting to live a comfortable life. A gold-digger is never satisfied financially. They always need money for some frivolous expense and they have no shame in squeezing every dime out of you. Meanwhile, someone seeking a comfortable life will be good if their needs can be met and some wants as well. Now their own dreams do not have to be realized due to cheating one out of money by using emotions. Now here are five ways to spot the female gold-diggers and five to spot the male ones… if you have any more pointers, add them as a comment. Female. 1. If you give her money to buy credit, she will buy the credit then flash you to call her back so she can say thanks. Now this has got to give you a few doubts about her already if she does this. It is different if you are standing right in front of her buying her credit but if you are called and you have to be the same person dishing out your personal credit to hear a gratitude… need I say more?   2. She goes shopping and she sees a shirt you may like, she comes home and gets money from you to buy it. I’m betting that’s how you get your birthday gifts too, right? Please think about the fact that she is using your own money to spoil you rotten.   3. Lose your job and see how fast she remembers she isn’t looking for a serious relationship, at least not yet or just not with you.   4. She brings her friends out with her anytime you ask her for a date. This is her trying to show off her “rich” dumb-friend because you can’t mean more than a bank to her if her friends share your quality time with you.   5. She always asks for money after sex. i mean this is the most obvious but the most effective gold digging method. it works because you have been satisfied to a point where all your brain is thinking “show your gratitude”.   Male.   1. He apparently has a fantastic job that gives him a lot of money but suddenly he needs you to give him capital to start another business. I don’t know if this should be looked at as a scam but it seems like a successful method.   2. After you get paid or when he knows you have the financial resources he needs, he always has issues and they always have to do with money. That’s when you see the sulking face that some of we ladies just don’t know how to ignore.   3. Most of his discussions have to do with finances. How he wishes he had money to help you, and how there are no jobs, and how he needs money, how money is his only solution, how lack of money has ruined his life, shall I continue? This is to drive you to give him money and make him feel secure at whatever cost so the love of your life isn’t sad.   4. Some guys really need this money and make it useful for them, but when you give them this money and they spend it on friends and other girls it’s because they know you will always give them. now this is called “alapa stainless”.   5. He’s broke yet all he wears are designer clothes, he feels like a stud, talks about how good he is in the sheets (which he probably is), very proud, very cocky, no intentions of getting a job because he is under your payroll. If he generally doesn’t treat you nice except he needs money from you… you know what to do.   If the love of your life displays characteristics like these, you might have a problem on your hands.

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This article was first published on 27th June 2012 and updated on July 5th, 2012 at 10:15 am


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