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Savings is one of the foundations of sound personal financial health. As great as saving is, it takes discipline to be achieved. Setting goals is one of the ways to set the tone for discipline and save consistently. Setting goals also mean you prioritize saving, and will further ensure a habit is built out of it. To set a goal for savings, the following tips can be used:

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Define your goal

If there is no goal set for your savings, there will be no drive or motivation to save. You have to be mindful of a cause that will require saving. This will increase your savings significantly and you will know just when to begin or stop. Another step is to name your goal for identification e.g. Going to Obudu Cattle Ranch for vacation in December. Defining your goal is the first step to achieving your savings desire.

Have a time target

Once you have defined your savings goal, it will be easy to determine when you have to achieve them. To set the time target, you should consider when the achievement of the goal will no longer be relevant. It is advisable to set the time ahead of when the money will be needed.

Find a medium

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The only thing that is as important as setting a goal is finding the best place to put your money. The best place should give some interest on your money after some time, should be accessible within a specific period, and can have different designations for different purposes.

If you have different targets, you can set different targets for them, and apportion accordingly. It is however advisable that you do not have several savings targets running simultaneously, for effectiveness.

Track your goals

It is great if you find a savings medium where your savings progress can be measured. You can keep track of your goals and have different landmarks that indicate you have made progress, to celebrate them. The more you achieve your goals, the more motivated and enthusiastic you will become. Your motivation might even shift from the reward you intend your money to acquire for you, to simply seeing your money increase.

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Make use of automation

The truth is that you might not always be able to set aside money for the goal you want to achieve, so it is important to consider automated settings where deductions are made. You can create automatic transfers into your indicated medium during times when you are expected to receive money. It minimizes the risk of forgetting to put out money into your savings.

Put away the extra money

There are times when you receive lump sums of money that were not included in your budget or regular income. You should learn to live within a means and when you receive surplus money, you should put it away in savings. This will help you achieve your savings faster and easier.

At the end of achieving your goals, you should endeavor you have a worthy reward to look up to. This keeps you motivated, and you can set other goals from thereon.

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This article was first published on 30th April 2022


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