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These persons I mentioned are your customers, your staff, the local authorities, your stakeholders or investors, and the public. Every week I will write on how you can make your business accountable to each one of these persons mentioned. So I will encourage you to watch out for the subsequent topics on this subject of accountability.

Why Make Your Business Accountable To Your Customers?

As I pointed out in the introductory post on this subject of accountability in business, your customers are the first persons to whom your business is accountable because they are the ones for whom you are in business.

Every business is set up primarily to create and contribute value to the customer. This is why you hear statements such as ‘customer is king’. 

The following are ways you can make your business account to your customers

Let Your Products Solve Their Problems –

The first way to make your business accountable to your customers is by ensuring your products and services are designed with the customers’ problems in mind. Your business should solve the problems or needs of your customers and not create more problems for them or claim to solve the problems without really doing so. 

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Ensure The Quality and Safety of Your Products

It is unethical for a business to deliver a sub-standard and unsafe product or service to its customers. As a business owner who desires to be accountable to his/ her customers, you must ensure the quality and safety of your products or services.

Aside from the fact that selling unsafe and sub-standard products is unethical, it is also a crime to do so. Not to even think of the impact such could have on your business’ image when your customers know of the sub-standard nature of your products. 

Provide your customers with accurate and timely information about your products, services and pricing.

Part of the job of your business to your customers is to educate them on the important things about your product they should know and also the ways they could use your products. 

Also important is the pricing policy your business applies to its products and services. For instance, if there is any VAT applied to products and services, you owe a responsibility to your customers to inform them and also let them know the amount applied. 

Other information your business should provide your customers with include such things as delivery costs, money-back or return policy, and other terms and conditions surrounding their use of your products and services. 

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Offer Them Customer Support 

Your customers should be able to reach you for support even after they have completed the purchase of your product or service. To create a support channel that your customers can make use of in the event they run into challenges using your product.

Have A Viable Feedback Channel

To ensure your business continues to serve the interests and needs of your customers, you must create a viable channel for your customers to provide feedback to you on their experiences using your products or services.

This is important to help make sure that your products and services are truly solving the problems of the customers the way they would like them solved. Also, having a feedback channel will help you build trust with your customers, thereby, keeping them from making repeated purchases. 

Comply With All Legal Requirements On Your Business

You owe a duty to your customers to ensure you comply with all legal requirements on your business and to also show proof of having done so. Your customers need to know that the agencies set up to protect them have sanctioned you to operate or to offer for sale a product or service. 

Closing Thoughts

The clause ‘customer is king’ should guide you in all your business dealings. Ensure you make your customers the king indeed by making your business accountable to your customers. The above are some of the ways you can do that. 

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This article was first published on 11th May 2022


Ifegwu-Mbonu Victor is a Personal Growth and Leadership Trainer who provides training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

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