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Almost every female in Nigeria uses makeup products, whether minimally, for example, those that simply apply powder and lip gloss, or those that opt for the full beat. In either case, the quality of the products matters because fake makeup can be a problem for the skin, as research has discovered that some may contain toxic chemicals which in some cases, are carcinogenic.

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In order to look good and still maintain the health of your skin, there is a need for you to be able to identify fake makeup products from the original, and below are some ways to do this.

1. The price point

One major giveaway that a makeup product is fake is the price at which it is selling for. The fake products are usually sold at a cheaper price than the original. One way that you can clock this is to first research the makeup product that you are interested in buying and have an idea of the price at which it is sold, before you go to cop one for yourself. Make sure you are not compromising quality for a lower price.

2. The packaging

Brands put a lot of thought into the presentation of their products and to make their products look distinct from other products in the market. Makeup brands are no exception to this.

In order for you to identify a fake makeup product, take your time and examine the packaging that the product comes in. Look out for wrong spellings, the colours used on the packaging and the placement of certain things.

If you are familiar with the product, it will be easier for you to spot those subtle differences, but if you are not familiar with the product, it will help if you check online for the original product and the packaging that it comes in, and then compare the product you want to buy with that which you are offered.

3. The vendor

It is very important to buy your makeup products from a trusted and verified vendor. If you are going to buy certain brands from an open marketplace, chances that those products are fake or expired are high.

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Also, be on the look out for vendors that do not really know what they are selling. You can ask questions, and from their response, you should be able to tell that even that vendor probably cannot tell the difference between the original and fake makeup product.

4. The smell and consistency of the product

Fake makeup products usually have a strange, chemical, heavy fragrance. They also have a different consistency from the original.

When you want to buy the product, try to do a patch test. Pump out a little bit of the product if it is in a liquid form or take a little of it if it is in another form, and spread it out over a small portion of your skin. Observe the smell and the blendability. If the smell is okay and it blends well, it is most likely an original product.

5. Your skin reaction

This should be the last resort, because you have most likely bought the makeup product at this point. Where the product causes you to break out or where you experience some reaction, that is probably your skin letting you know that the product was formulated with something that it should not have been formulated with.

With this in mind, this should help you when next you decide to buy a makeup product. Watch out for these tips and you can be sure to make better choices in your makeup purchases.


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This article was first published on 17th March 2022


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