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  Storytelling is an intrinsic aspect of humanity. It is what drives human connection, serves as a foundation for community-building, and motivates individuals and groups to take action. Given the impact of storytelling, it is easy to see why it can be an important asset to your business. From Apple to Microsoft, several industry heavyweights succeeded in telling their customers good stories.
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You too can succeed through storytelling. You just have to communicate what your business is all about and what it stands for. If you’re looking to grow your business, the following four tips for storytelling are a good place to start.

Focus on telling a good story before marketing 

You can’t market effectively if you don’t tell a good story. This follows the concept of the Golden Circle developed by best-selling author Simon Senek which states that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. According to Simon, a lot of people make the mistake of starting with the “what” before focusing on the “why” and “how”. Starting with the how and why helps you appeal to the emotions of the audience you’re targeting. Let them know why your business exists in the first place and show them how your content, product, or service will help them (i.e. the storytelling process). Once you’ve been able to establish rapport with them by using these techniques, then you can start drawing their attention to what you’re offering (i.e the marketing process)

Get Personal 

Let’s get real. Nobody really cares about companies; they care more about the people connected to those companies – a satisfied customer, a passionate employee, or a dedicated business partner. People won’t resonate with your story if it is all about a faceless organisation. However, they’ll feel the right emotions if you can tell them stories that are rooted in the human experience. Let your stories be about real people and you will see a big difference in your storytelling.
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Make your customers the main characters of your story

Cast your mind back to a book that resonated with you. What kind of emotions did it elicit from you? Why do you think it had such an impact on you? Were you hooked till the very end? If you were to answer these questions, I’m sure you would come up with concrete answers to each of them. Self-help books are notorious for having this effect on people. They capture the reader by making him or she feel like they are the main character in the story. A good self-help book highlights the problem of the reader in great detail, shows them why they are facing the problem, and proffers practical solutions to this problem. The same approach should be taken in the stories you tell your customers. Let your stories revolve around them by acknowledging their pain points, showing them why you can help them, answering their questions, and providing solutions to the problems.

Let your storytelling be dynamic 

A good story should not be static. It should continue to change as your business grows. You may have launched a new product, relocated to another city, or employed new staff. Always look for opportunities to tell a story. Good storytelling is about creating alignment between your business and customers. It is what helps your business stand out and keeps your customers engaged on an emotional level. Follow the steps above to start telling your story today. Featured Image Source: Ark Valley Voices
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This article was first published on 13th October 2020


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