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Grabbing attention on social media is not necessarily about the number of followers you’ve garnered over time but the engagement you get per post, and the impressions you get per post. It’s easier to garner more passive followers than active followers.

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The average attention span of virtually every social media user is about 8 seconds. If your content does not capture the viewer within that time frame, then there are chances they’ll scroll past your content to another because the social media space is saturated with content created every millisecond.

You’re not to worry for in the next few lines below, you’ll know how to command attention on social media.

1. Attach a visual graphic or video

For every post, you make on your social media space, attach an eye-catching, high-resolution visual graphic or video to your post. There are higher chances of your content captivating your audience if they find the attached graphic/video content attractive enough.

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Also, underneath this visual graphic, you might want to make sure your content is not unnecessarily lengthy and is well spaced out.

2. Write about current or popular trends

In social media, every user wants to know more about what’s in vogue. Users follow trending content almost immediately to be updated and have a gist to share and a plethora of other reasons.

To utilise this second option well, use a trending caption or title for your social media post and as curiosity leads, there’s an increased chance of your content grabbing your audience’s attention.

Also, a great way to utilise this option well is to make a splendid introduction, one that piques their curiosity, one they resonate with and will most likely stop them from scrolling past your content.

3. Let your content have an element of humour

Many users open their social media daily to get distracted from the current world happenings or distract themselves for a while and one of the best ways to capture them is to make them smile.

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Everyone likes a good joke. The point your audience can find a good emotional connection to your content, they’ll dive in on it.

4. Write content on DIYs and HOW To’s

Most social media users love good hacks. You could write quality content on how they can improve their lifestyles with easy Do-it-yourself methods. You could also teach them to do anything of interest; one that resonates with what your brand stands for. Almost everyone likes a good tutorial. Use “How To” in your title and this will most likely hold their interest for knowledge is attractive.

Also, you might want to make sure your “DIY and HOW TO” contents are interesting enough and if possible drives interaction. Encourage them to ask questions or ask them a question or two that they could answer in the comment section.

The above tips will help you grab attention to your social media posts starting today. Good luck.

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This article was first published on 23rd July 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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