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Wouldn’t it be great if your customers were eager to listen to what you had to say? This means you could effectively sell anything to them when you have such a relationship with them. I am not talking about manipulation, but real influence with integrity. Business would be so smooth if you could tell your prospect or client to do what you asked such as trying a new product, visiting your website or giving referrals. But how can you get to this awesome stage? I spoke with some entrepreneurs and business professionals across different fields, and even read some articles on customer service and here are some techniques that have worked for businesses and professionals to keep the business-customer relationship enjoyable. Talk to them Tell them what they want to hear. And what do they want to hear, you may wonder? They want to hear how you can solve their problems; they want to hear you talk about them. Dale Carnegie, in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, said “Remember that the people you are talking to are a hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants and problems than they are in you and your problems.” Marvin Himel, President of 2 Minute Sales, says, “It’s important to listen to them first in order to understand what is important to them and their business. Then, discover their pain points and provide them with a solution that no one else can offer.” Get personal Customers will only listen to people they can trust. In order to build that trust with your customer, build a relationship with them first. Simple things like pronouncing their name correctly, or remembering their birthday, or even asking about their children can go a long way in building that relationship customers seek to have with their providers. Customers don’t buy from logos or buildings. They buy from people. Do a fine first job Muyiwa, a Creative Web Designer says “Do a fantastic first job.” If you are in the service industry, it is particularly important that you make a great first impression to your customers. That will keep them coming back for more.   These are probably techniques that you already know, but fail to practice. The Bible says: it is not the hearer of the word but the doer that gets blessed. It will do you good to remember and apply these things to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Just a recap
  1. Talk to your customers about themselves. Listen to their pain points
  2. Find out and remember little details about them
  3. Always do a fantastic job.
Can you add any more tactics that have worked for you? Share your ideas in the comments below Mason Frederick shares relevant knowledge that you can use to grow your career in marketing and building your small business.  

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This article was first published on 19th March 2014

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