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  Social media has served as the right tool to engage effectively with customers. Brands can now create a stable relationship with their customers by way of two-way conversations. Engaging with your customers will show that you care about their choices and you acknowledge their decision to patronize you.
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However, some social media conversations between brands and their customers can turn unpleasant. There are customers who may not have something nice to say about your services or those who simply want to tear down the reputation which you have built for years. The way you handle such an uncomfortable situation matters because anything uttered on social media gets recorded. Hence the need to be careful. However, this is not to say that as a brand owner, you should overlook and ignore some petty lies told about your brand. You can carry on a meaningful argument online without insulting the person. You have to show a great deal of patience and control when you argue with anyone online. Start by seeing the whole thing as a discussion rather than an argument. The following are tips that will help you argue effectively on social media whilst enhancing your reputation instead of diminishing it:
  1. Do not jump into an argument because you want to. Something negative said about your brand should not always be an invitation to start a tirade. Be wise and understand that people might find dissatisfaction with your services and that it is up to you to correct any problem there is. Apologize when the opportunity arises. If the complaint is untrue or there is a misunderstanding somewhere, clear the air in the most professional manner. You could try to make the matter private by asking for a face-to-face meeting with the person.

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  1. Try not to get emotional: Avoid responding to negative comments with emotions. In fact, wait for ten minutes before you respond so that you can cool off.
  2. Try to understand what the problem is and do not go off-track when you are engaging the person. If it is a complaint, request a detailed account of the problem and evidence.
  3. Back up your arguments with an arsenal of facts. Facts will prove your own side of the story and help you gain the loyalty of your customers who are witnessing the brawl.
  4. Try the ‘Questioning’ method. If you encounter a negative comment under your post, try to engage the person by asking them to show evidence to prove their statements. You could also ask them to explain their feelings behind their opinions. If they are able to show evidence or correctly give good reasons behind their opinions, then you should back out of the argument peacefully.
  5. Show confidence as you argue. Whatever stance you assume, be assertive and do not waver.
  6. Do not get too defensive. Do not attack them when you should be calm and professional.
  7. If you discover that you are the one at fault and you are wrong, it is rational that you concede gracefully instead of continuing a baseless argument. If you agree that you are wrong, it will show that you are willing to make amends.
  8. If you eventually win the argument, do not run it in the face of the other person. Instead, thank them for sharing their thoughts and encourage others to engage you.
As much as you hate confrontations and you want to avoid them, you should understand that you can take a firm stand and argue maturely on social media without spoiling your reputation. Arguments can help you build trust among your customer base— endeavour to use the above tips when you find yourself in a public argument. Featured Image Source: Home Grown Bliss
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This article was first published on 6th January 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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