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In the first part of this article: how to cut and sew a straight skirt (Part 1), you learnt the materials/equipment needed to cut and sew a straight skirt, the body measurements needed to cut a straight skirt, and how to cut a straight skirt.
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Note: If you haven’t read Part 1, you should before reading this part. In the part, you will learn how to sew a straight skirt. One very important detail to note before you start sewing is that at the end of the full length of the skirt minus 2 or 1.5, depending on how fitted you want the skirt. Use your chalk blend it with the other measurement and cut. Don’t mistakenly reduce other measurements when cutting it.

How to sew a straight skirt

  • Prepare your sewing machine:  Make sure your sewing machine is ready for the task. Thread your needle, check your shuttle and make sure it is ready to use. 
  • Sew the front bodice:  The front bodice is the front of the straight skirt. You can add lining to the skirt, it is optional. If you want to sew the lining to the fabric, make sure you sew it inside out. Sew the hem. Add your band (optional) and very importantly, sew your dart.

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  • Sew the back bodice: For the back bodice, you can add your lining (optional) and zipper (optional, depending on the type of fabric). Use a skirt zipper when sewing a straight skirt. A skirt zipper is shorter than a gown or top zipper. Sew the hem. Add your skirt band (optional). Sew your dart.
  • Join the front and back bodice together: After sewing your front and back shirt pieces together, you can then join them together. A very important detail to note at this point is that when you place the pieces together, they should fit, and no extra fabric should be left out. Make sure you take note of your sewing allowance as you sew. You can use pins to make it easier.
  • Trim the skirt: When you are sewing, you might have little threads hanging here and there. Make sure you trim it so that your skirt will look as neat as possible. 

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  • Iron the skirt. Ironing clothes give it a perfect finish and make it looks very neat. When ironing a straight skirt, take note of the edges and iron them neatly. It is advisable to iron as you sew, but you can do it afterward if electricity is an issue.


You can wear a straight skirt everywhere. You can make it appropriate for different events by styling it as you wish.  For beginners, who are sewing for the first time, you should practice with either your body measurement or someone close to you to check the fitting of the skirt. The steps are very easy to follow. It may not be perfect the first time, but practicing consistently is a great way to achieve perfection. Featured Image source: The fashion tag blog
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This article was first published on 6th June 2022


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