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How To Create A Good Design Proposal


After you get an enquiry from a prospect, you become excited to begin work with this client. And in a bid to wow your prospect, you know you have to get the proposal right. A design is a ticket that gets you to the door of a potential pitch. Once it is done well, you are halfway through your proposal. A design follows a structure and can be updated as often as you desire.

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Basic Structure Of A Design

An Attractive Cover Page

This is the first thing your potential client will see, so you have to ensure you make a good impression. Design proposals should include your logo, the name of the proposal, your email and your website. This will look pretty simple but well done at the end. It is important to incorporate your personal branding throughout the proposal, to look professional and unique.

A Bio

After the cover page, dedicate a brief paragraph describing what you and your brand stand for, and why you are a perfect fit for the job. Make sure to use content that is easy to read and is a bit personal. The aim is to connect with your prospect on all levels. Share your experiences, specially, the reason you do what you do, and everything else that is a selling point for you. Keep it simple and authentic.

Your Portfolio

This section is necessary for prospects who have never seen your work before now. This will help to guide their expectation of you. Focus on sharing portfolio pieces and works that you are proud of, as your strongest suit is what is required.

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Your Services

Include an aspect where you talk about the services you currently provide, bearing in mind that they must appear suited for the client’s project. You can also capture your processes to give the prospect an idea of how the magic is being done. This section should not be unnecessary lengthy, and the aim is to invest in a lot of visuals that tell your story accurately.


Now is the best time to touch on prices. It is best to keep this at the end, so all previous pages have successfully convinced your prospect that you are the best fit for the job. Once they are won over, the prices become an easy walkover. In the pricing, you can include a specific price for the project they want to embark on, so they know that you are proactive.

Finally, end with a note of thanks, appreciating them for their interest. You can add how they can easily take the next steps if they have been persuaded by your proposal.

Once the template is done in line with these steps, you will only tweak it periodically to cater for customized clients, but the structure remains the same. You can now design a proposal with little or no hassles.

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