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  More than just a colour, white represents a blank pallet. A clear space of possibilities that can make anything possible is what the colour white stands for. It is a little wonder why you would see the 21st century high achievers use white in their thinking space and a majority of their interior decorations.
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Asides from the fact that it allows them to think thoroughly and with clarity, the colour white adds so much elegance and class to even the humblest of apartments. It is pertinent to know that regardless of being a high-class earner or a 9-5ér, you can class up your apartment by incorporating the colour white into it. Here are five fun ways to class up your house with white.
  1. Paint The Walls

Paint Your Walls White Without Being Boring — Matt Carlson (M. Carlson  Painting)
M. Carlson Painting
There is the initial fear that too much white can make an apartment look like a hospital but that is a myth because there can never be too much on a wall. Try painting the entire apartment a bright white and install wood brown furniture. You can also throw in a number of house plants for vibrancy.
  1. Style The Bedrooms

Paint Color Mistakes - Home Color Decorating Mistakes
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Many people are afraid to explore a different vibe to the bedroom, but not you because you are here to learn how to class up your house with white. Incorporating white into the bedroom in form of glossy curtains, bed sheets or even vanity is a big win. The presence of white in the bedroom gives the illusion of more space and more space allows for more self-expression.
  1. Use White Furniture

How to use white furniture in the modern home? | Interior Design Ideas and  Architecture | Designs & Ideas on HomeDoo
Home Doo
If you have a kid, you might want to steer clear of this one. If, on the other hand, you are single or have grown up kids, this is definitely a go-to for classing up your house. Make sure that the furniture would fit into the make-up of the house regardless of colour. If this ticks the box, then it would look fantabulous in white.
  1. Renovate The Kitchen

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There is no way to go wrong with renovating the kitchen in white. It is advisable to begin this renovation with top shelves and seeing how you can begin to expand. When choosing the perfect white to use to class up your kitchen, ensure you choose water-resistant appliances and easy to clean installations.
  1. Fittings And Fixtures

Difference Between Fixtures and Fittings | Definition, Meaning, Features,  Examples
If after all these you still harbour some resistance towards the bold idea of painting the walls white, then worry not. You can craftily incorporate white in your choice of fitting and fixtures. This can come in the form of a white flower vase or a white shelf by the corner of the sitting room. It can even be a cute ottoman by the side of the balcony. Whatever choice you make, white can do you no wrong. In addition to the above ways to class up your house with white, you can think of many innovative ways to add class and elegance to your apartment. The reason is that the colour white is very adaptable so it brightens the outlook of other colours that are paired with it. Is there a way to class up your house with white that has worked to make your apartment classy? Let us know in the comments section, below. Featured Image Source: Pinterest
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This article was first published on 9th July 2021


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