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If you live in Lagos, then you know that the average day is spent mostly in traffic or “recovering” from a terrible traffic jam. It is a menace that is slowly eating our time, energy and lifespan. We have some indigenous apps that have tried to curb it and grant us some needed relief but we need all the help we can get so it is with great joy in my heart that I announce that we have a traffic app that is at least worth a trial. Tsaboin is a tech startup company that is helping Lagosians beat traffic bottle necks using its revolutionary traffic update camera feeds. With live feeds from Tsaboin’s traffic cameras located in strategic locations across the state, road users can get live updates on traffic situations. Tsaboin is also optimized for mobile phone use as an app so you are just one or two clicks from viewing the camera and also one click from viewing your timeline and update. tsaboin-traffic-cams Amazing right? Well, there is more! If there are unusual gridlocks in any location, your phone will notify you through push notification. The app also has analytics that shows users areas with traffic issues. So if you want to be free of the hassles and frustrations that come with being stuck in traffic then you may want to consider the Tsaboin option. You can download the Tsaboin app from your Google play store or App store on your iPhone or the BlackBerry World. For more information visit or follow the company through its social media platforms: Facebook: Tsaboin Twitter: @tsaboin Instagram: @tsaboin   Use the app and let us know what you think in the comment section below.   Read also: 8 Traffic Apps You Must Have to Survive in Lagos How to Have Fun When Stuck in Traffif

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This article was first published on 23rd October 2015


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