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Sometimes when you set your mind to achieve a goal for the day, you end up not doing so because of online distractions.

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Avoiding these distractions is utterly essential to your success because it is easy to get distracted and check your social media from time to time.

Though the Internet is a helpful tool for work and study, it also provides endless possibilities for distraction.

Moreover, it is quite tempting to take a break and check the latest news headlines or pop over to Facebook or Twitter; however, this can keep you from work or studying.

Eliminate your biggest distractions through these steps and tips.

Identify What Matters

Before you get rid of online distractions, you need to first what matters to you and your business. Write down your goals, challenges, and how to focus on them.

Sometimes, we use our smartphones to fill in the gaps throughout the day because we haven’t identified what we want to achieve for the day.

When we’re not clear and intentional about what we want to achieve, those gaps can expand out to eat up big chunks of time.

Interestingly, when you are unsure about what you want and how to achieve your goals, chances are that the internet will inevitably win the battle for your attention.

Identify How Your Smartphone Aids and Hinders Your Work

Sometimes we get to work with our phones, but it’s important to understand that much of what we do on our Smartphones are the result of mindless habits.

On some occasions, you realize that you’ve spent hours of your time online scrolling through various platforms without realizing how you got there.

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Understand that the internet can both help and hinder our work; hence, it is important that you take some time to become mindful and conscious of how you’re using your phone.

Create a Social Media Schedule

It may sound counterintuitive but having a social media schedule is actually a great way to have discipline. With the use of a calendar, mark and map out a scheduled time during the day that you will let yourself go on social media as well as how long for.

While at this, ensure you pick a time that works best for you. Additionally, try to be realistic with this schedule according to your social media habits otherwise, it won’t work.

This act will help you gain more control of your time and you’ll start to do more work that is productive rather than procrastinating.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications are the easiest ways to get distracted while at work so shut them down.

When they pop up, you are tempted to check them out and soon enough you realize you’ve spent hours of your time online.

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You can’t do big things if small things distract you. The constant bombardment of notifications will not help you become productive and get your work done.

Take up Projects

It’s unwise to limit online distractions and remain idle. Remaining idle makes it easier for you to fall back to the old patterns of distractions.

Take up projects and set goals for yourself, this gives you the motivation to become more productive.

Use Focus Tools

If you don’t have the self-control and discipline to wade off online distractions, then it’s important you make use of some focus tools.

This will help you stick to a schedule and stay focused.

Tools such as Freedom blocks access to websites, apps, or the whole internet for a chosen period.

The internet is a useful tool; however, it’s important that it doesn’t become a major source of distraction for you.

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This article was first published on 7th June 2022


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