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  During one of her visits to Lagos, Ore Badmus met Izzie Ekong at a Christmas dinner party and they got along well. They formed a friendship, which later developed into a partnership, making them co-founders.
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Both Izzie and Ore are marketers and they established the Tech Marketers Support Initiative (TEMSI) to assist new tech marketers with mentorships, scholarships, and internships, among other things, to navigate their marketing careers effectively. For Izzie, tech marketing was the perfect blend of tech, arts, and psychology, all fields she was already knowledgeable in and was deeply drawn to. In contrast, Ore’s career path wasn’t as straightforward. Starting as a creative lead at an Edtech startup, she ventured into marketing with a background in film. At the beginning of 2023, Ore had aspirations, and one of them was to contribute to the growth of the tech community. Initially, she had planned to design and present courses for novice marketers but ultimately opted for a comprehensive and more effective approach, which led to the formation of TEMSI.
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Ore noticed that while many programs were being introduced for technical roles in the tech industry, there were few opportunities for non-technical roles like marketers. This lack of recognition and value for marketers in the tech ecosystem motivated Ore and Izzie to establish TEMSI, which aims to bridge the gap and provide support to women in tech marketing. Izzie expressed that marketers are often overlooked and undervalued despite playing a crucial role in selling tech products and bringing in revenue. TEMSI will offer complete scholarships to Treford’s product marketing or content marketing boot camp, internship placements at tech startups, performance monitoring, access to resources, and mentorship with experienced professionals in the industry. TEMSI aims to address the challenges faced by tech marketers and help them succeed by providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities. The digital marketing industry is projected to grow rapidly, making marketing skills more in demand.
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The founders have received support from various communities and organizations in the tech industry, and they hope to establish TEMSI as a reputable platform for tech marketers. They want candidates who have gone through their program to be associated with excellence, which will make them more attractive to hiring managers. Application for the first cohort is now open and will provide five lucky women in tech marketing with support. Click here to register. Source: TechCabal Featured Image Source: TechCabal
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This article was first published on 9th March 2023


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