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  A tech-enabled startup operating from Lagos, Eden Life, might be onto the big game of rekindling the country’s service sector without fully realising it.
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Eden Life is a startup that provides busy city workers with a digital room service platform. It offers users access to a host of well-trained home concierge personnel. This group of staff also called “gardeners” by Eden Life are service providers who do things like supply meals prepared by Eden Life’s chefs, handle laundry, and clean homes. They are trained to handle a variety of these chores requested by users who interact with the service via the app. Launched in April 2019, Eden Life has automated a home management service that ensures that service delivery comes when and how it should. Users of the service have no need to place an order for a meal every day, or call the cleaner to put the house in order each morning, or to micromanage housekeeping – the startup is helping to practicalise efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. For the “gardeners” engaged under Eden Life’s employ, subscribers would not have to worry about extra safety precautions necessary for other classified ads sites as security/background checks are carried out by the company before engaging them.
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As soon as a user subscribes, the app attaches them to a gardener who they can give instructions to from within the app for a regular subscription fee ranging from as low as N23,000 ($63.6) to N76,000 ($210) per month. And once a cultural change of winding down the traditional abuse-ridden house-help system has gained ground, the younger folk who make up a large crop of Nigerians looking to enter the labour force may systematically popularise such likeness of Eden Life’s concierge services. Eden was founded by three experienced founders named Nadayar Enegesi (who co-founded Andela), Prosper Otemuyiwa (an ex-Andelan) and Sim Momoh (an ex-Andelan). According to the CEO of Eden Life, Nadayar Enegesi, Eden was set up to improve the quality of life of the working middle-class person, who is so busy and yet needs their domestic chores to run on auto-pilot. Meanwhile, as Eden Life is helping to run the homes of a cadre of workers delivering services at their different workplaces, the startup is also helping to expand the services sector with the aid of technology. As of 2019, Statista states that the services sector in Nigeria’s GDP figures had a 49.73% share of the total. Also, as Dr Andrew Nevin, PhD, Partner and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria, stated in June 2018, that the services sector accounts for the largest proportion of employment at 57.4%. It is, therefore, worthwhile to conclude that with the growth of such concierge services as enabled by Eden Life’s technology solution, the doors of a rising GDP and more employment opportunities for Nigeria’s teeming youth can be thrown open and wider. Featured Image Source: Technext
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This article was first published on 20th April 2021


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