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Expect A Platform Where Knowledge Regarding Cryptocurrencies Will Be Shared For Free On A Regular Basis – Kelvin Alaneme, Founder, Coin University

Kelvin Alaneme is the Founder and CEO of Coin University, an online school with a Faculty that is simplifying the art and science of cryptocurrency, crypto trading, NFTs and other blockchain-oriented technologies. He claims that Coin University is the world’s first open-source, decentralized crypto education platform.
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In this interview, Alaneme talks about offering free education on cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi, and blockchain through his Coin University. He wants to transform the average Nigerian who is a crypto dummy into an expert crypto trader. He speaks also on the future of cryptocurrency, and how Coin University will address every problem associated with crypto trading and investment. Alright, it’s good to have you right in our midst Mr Kelvin Alaneme. So, who is Mr Kelvin Alaneme?
Uzoma Kelvin Alaneme is a Nigerian medical doctor and tech entrepreneur. I am currently based in Wales, United Kingdom where I am working as a Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry. On the side, I run Ala Africa – a record label, CareerEdu – an educational and career guidance service and most recently Coin University – the world’s first open-source, decentralized crypto education platform.
We heard of your new initiative, Coin University, so what’s it all about and what should Nigerians and the world expect from Coin University?
Coin University is an open-source, decentralized crypto education platform that helps everyday persons learn everything about Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, Blockchain for free. The platform aims to prepare a majority of the population for the future, where cryptocurrencies will play a central role. Arming them with information and knowledge will help the average person leverage the technology to create a business, tech solutions and wealth. Nigerians and indeed everyone in the world should expect a platform where knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies will be shared for free on regular basis. They should expect immense value and demystification of Crypto and its lingo. In the future, crypto will become an inseparable part of our lives and Coin University will help prepare individuals for this future. Again, individuals skilled in knowledge about Crypto can expect to earn through the platform via several innovations we are pioneering. Members of Coin University Faculty can unlock new income streams from sharing their knowledge for free.
Studies have shown that a larger percentage of Nigerians believe cryptocurrency to be difficult to learn and even invest in, thus leading to crypto apathy, do you think Coin University stands the chance of covering this gap?
Yes. This is the main gap Coin University is coming to fill. Coin University thrives on simplicity of information – breaking complex crypto terms down, so that the average person can understand. One of the first things we did when we launched was a post on the meaning of several Crypto terminologies and slang. This is fundamental in getting newbies to follow the language of the terrain and not get lost. Our Faculty are also encouraged to use animation videos to demystify Crypto concepts. Essentially, Coin University targets the average person who knows nothing about cryptocurrencies, and aims to build this person up till they can confidently make financial decisions and even investments in cryptocurrencies.
How sustainable is Coin University with the current problems – volatility in crypto trading, its ban by the Federal Government, and the gloomy predictions by institutions like Brookings Institute and The Economist which can go a long wag in affecting its global adoption in general and Nigeria in particular?
The fluctuations we see in cryptocurrencies is essentially a result of its novelty – setting a value on what a coin is worth is essentially difficult and so it is very reactive to news and outside information. The uncertainties with clampdown by governments and other centralized authorities do not help. However, cryptocurrencies have come to stay. The main reason is the way our world is going. The metaverse is nearer than we all think and cryptocurrencies will emerge as the main means of exchange and storage of value in the metaverse. But even before the metaverse arrives, people are waking up to the severe limitations of centralized finance which explains the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2021. Even banks are waking up to the inevitable future and some are now offering cryptocurrency options to customers. Coin University is here to educate the populace and we don’t feel fazed or threatened by the uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies. They are merely teething problems that will pass. By 2023, many countries may likely adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tenders. We are getting there.

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Wow! Amazing. Asides the fluctuations, others are sceptical about its hazard to the environment, what is your stance on the pressure it places on the environment? Because you know we run a global economy and once the Institutions don’t approve of it, it could make crypto and NFTs endangered currencies in some way?
More human activities place much more pressure on the environment than crypto mining. Again, most of the cryptocurrencies are pivoting to cleaner sources of energy to reduce any detrimental effects mining may have on the environment. Even the institutions know that cryptocurrencies have come to stay. Banning it will only drive it underground and even make it flourish. It is the people that drive the economy. If the majority of people decide that they prefer to use cryptocurrencies because of ease of transactions, transparency, low charges, then institutions will have no option but to respect the wishes of the people and allow cryptocurrencies use to grow.
Let go back to Coin University, is there a provision to teach students how to earn in daily trading and mitigate risks that come with crypto trading? And what are your existing tools to mitigate these risks, because they seem to be the major problem?
Coin University has provisions for Faculty members to teach people how to trade, as well as do technical analysis. However, as part of the lessons, the individual ought to be made aware of the inherent risks, especially regarding the volatile market. Learning can help mitigate these risks but not take them away completely. The individual who trades with their money bears the risk solely, as well as enjoys the profits. Thus, before embarking on trades, students are encouraged to learn about the market, study trends and realize the importance of the news in affecting crypto prices in the short run. It is this fundamental knowledge that Coin University provides to ensure that our students make better and smarter investments.
Do you see the common, uneducated trader in a Nigerian local market buying and selling goods using coins as a medium of exchange in the nearest future, because it seems this is what e-currencies tend to do?
Yes. When something is massively adopted, it becomes a norm even for the uneducated trader. The same uneducated trader possibly has a Facebook account and uses WhatsApp, something that we may think impossible years ago. With massive adoption comes simplification and ease of use, which will promote more adoption, creating a positive vicious cycle that the innovation becomes commonplace. Today, most people shop online. Times are fast-changing and Coin University is preparing the common man for this change.
Lastly, what difference will Coin University bring despite existing schools on crypto scattered all over Nigeria?
Coin University is open-source and decentralized. Anyone, irrespective of age, can learn and can teach (if you demonstrate proof of work and attain the required points needed to join the Faculty). Thus, it is essentially bridging the generational gap, by bringing crypto knowledge which might be common for millennials and Gen-Z to the older population who may know nothing about cryptocurrencies. To close, I will encourage everyone to join our Coin University Telegram Community and start learning immediately. Coin University is different from the crypto schools you mentioned, because learning at Coin University is completely free. Coin University is also decentralized and community-driven, with members from around the world. It is a global movement, not limited to Nigeria, and will help drive massive uptake of knowledge about cryptocurrencies among the populace.
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This article was first published on 4th January 2022


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