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Hotels NG Founder Mark Essien Launches Discord Accounts For Politically-Conscious Nigerian Youths


“We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.” 

Mary Mcleod Bethune

The recent nationwide protests held against police brutality in Nigeria are one of the most progressive things to happen in the country in recent times. It is an indication of a generation eager to right the wrongs of their fathers and put an end to the injustice that has prevailed in the country for so long.

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While the #EndSARS protests appear to have dissipated around the country due to the unfavourable reactions from the Nigerian government, one thing is clear: the resolve of this generation to fight for a better Nigeria is still very much alive. Thankfully, the youths are aware that there are many ways to achieve an objective.

Founder and CEO of Hotels.NG, Mark Essien, is utilising technology to empower politically-conscious youths who have the best interest of the country at heart. Mark, on October 23, shared a post on Twitter, urging the youths to continue in their quest for a better nation even if it means using a different strategy.

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He revealed that he and his team of developers are currently working on a website – an open voting system for the movement – that will enable Nigerian youths to enact social reforms.


“The way forward for #EndSars is not street protests anymore. It is technology, community and organising. We have to achieve what we started this for – and that means changing tactics. The point has been made, they are listening. Now we talk.

We need to come together as a community to vote for the demands we have for the government. We have found our voice – now we start talking. We need to select people who will negotiate with Govt on our behalf – not leaders, but negotiators who table our pre-selected demands.

We the tech guys have started work on a website to allow this process work – an open voting platform for the movement. A site where leaders and demands can be selected. We’d like all the other techies to join us to develop this into exactly what everyone needs,”

he wrote.

He further stated that discord accounts have been opened for both tech and non-tech individuals to collectively work on achieving the goal.


This is a welcome development and a great example of how the youths can devise new ways to engineer change in the nation. Our success is largely dependent on how we approach the challenges facing us and not the challenges themselves.

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