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Have you ever visited a government civil service secretariat complex early on a working day? The first thing that will obviously hit you is the casual sauntering into offices by workers as late as 10 and 11 o’clock in the morning. It is common knowledge that majority of this civil service is demotivated for many different reasons, and that its grossly bloated workforce and disorderly ways paint the chaotic, unethical picture of an almost irredeemable mess.

Lateness to work in those types of places is the rule rather than the exception. This sad state of affairs is worsened by an utter lack of both a reward system for punctuality and an effective punitive system for the habitual offense. Lateness to work takes a huge toll on the individual as well as the workplace.

Punctuality, on the other hand, has immense benefits:

– Whether you are the boss or just another guy in the office, showing up at work on time sends very positive vibes to everyone around you. It connotes integrity, responsibility, dedication and professionalism. A boss who is late all the time sets a bad example to his/her employees. This engenders a discontented workforce.

– Research has shown that workers who’ve made a habit of lateness are most likely to be overlooked for promotion.

– A machine is only as good as its component parts. A company whose staff are reputed early-comers will function more efficiently. Meetings are held promptly. Work kicks off smoothly and everyone is calm and geared up almost equally. Lateness results in missing out on vital correspondence that is needed for increased efficiency, causing decreased camaraderie and productivity.

– A lack of punctuality among employees leads to increased stress which impacts results negatively. This is mostly manifest in workplaces which operate the shift system. Smooth handovers and takeovers are seriously compromised. Workers do not settle in seamlessly and deadlines are met shoddily at best.

Punctuality is a great positive attribute which signifies respect for time and individuals. As employee HR appraisals lean more and more towards issues of timeliness and overall integrity, staying on your job may just be depending less and less on traditional KPI’s, and relying even more heavily on the amount of premium you place on the time factor.

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This article was first published on 4th October 2019


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