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In my line of work, it is only natural to have consulted for more individual female clients on issues of Personal Style, Etiquette, Dressing, and Grooming in general. Some would say that many men do not really care about those “foppish” matters. Society hasn’t helped much either. But the truth is that men do need to be on top of their sprucing-up game as much as women do.

Most men I’ve had to consult for were previously of the opinion that grooming simply ended with good health, going to the gym and eating right. They realized that men should actually have a grooming routine (all their own), and men should stop approaching their grooming needs in a reactionary manner. If impressions (first or subsequent) are as important as often stated; if men are exposed to the same level of private and social outing scrutiny as women, then there is every need for them to view these grooming affairs with, at least, equal interest.

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On their seeming laid-back attitude towards personal grooming, men can conveniently be forgiven as most grooming needs actually take root during puberty, and this is when the tips we are about to address below begin to become increasingly important. It is good to note that the tips here are nothing near exhaustive, but I’ve decided to harp on those ones we encounter daily and which can easily be taken for granted.

10 Simple Grooming Tips

1) Personal hygiene – Everything else revolves around this. Making a habit of personal hygiene should not be difficult but some men have struggled bitterly with it. Bathing often is highly refreshing and therefore hugely recommended. Researches have linked good personal hygiene to a higher chance of being successful in life.

2) Oral care – Whether you have 32 teeth (or whether some of them have not-so-perfect shapes) is not as important as having them brushed
or flossed at least twice a daily.

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3) Shear off nose and ear hair – A careful barber should be able to do this at no added cost, I’m sure. Nose and ear hair popping out everywhere and every time have never been an appealing sight.

4) Manicure and Pedicure – Gladly, a lot of men are showing more than a passing interest in this tip. It is always uplifting to see them in spas. Do we need to explain why dirty, long and rough finger and toe nails are a no no? No.

5) Shaving – It does not matter whether it is a Bic razor shaving stick, or at your elite barber shop, a good shave (close or clean) epitomizes good breeding. Unkempt heads and hair are massive turn-offs for many people. Shave daily if you must.

6) Stand and sit erect – Whenever I tell my three-year old twin boys – “Don’t slouch” or “Stand/sit straight”, they smile and comply without knowing why. They will thank me when they’ve grown. Th right posture represents pride, confidence and security.

7) – Makers of facial soap are not foolish – The reason those soaps are in the market is because most body soaps are too strong for the face. Your face is your front office. Pamper it routinely with the right cleansers, soaps and creams.

8) Smell nice – This starts with your anti-perspirant stick or roll-on deodorant all the way to your perfumes and other fragrances. Choose your brands but always remember the age-long rule with body fragrances – “less is more”. Do not bathe yourself in them.

9). Inner vest and underwear – These accessories are extremely important items in a man’s daily fashion ensemble. They could be singlets or collar-less tops versus briefs and boxers and must be looked after with strict devotion. Need I add that they are the stuff that cling to your skin the most.

10) – Wear fitting clothes and shoes and belts – No matter how well-groomed a man is, the right fit, colours and match of clothes and accessories make everything look so much better.

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This article was first published on 1st November 2019


Noela is an Image consultant, a personal development and business coach. She helps corporate organisations and individuals achieve high performance through her bespoke trainings, coaching, seminars and workshops. Reach her on +2347030514885

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