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Whether you’re male or female, proper attention should be given to your hair, in order to avoid breakages and stunt growth. Since the invention of wigs, many ladies have deserted their natural hair and turned to caring more for the artificial ones, tending to forget that the hair on their heads actually needs more care than anything you can fix on it. Yes, caring for weavons may not be as difficult as attending to your hair, but this is essential as it helps the scalp and eventually spurs hair growth. Here are some things you should note about your hair.

The human hair is delicate and the hair cells grow faster than any other cell in the body, so, if your diet suffers from those nutrients that keep the hair healthy, your hair suffers. One thing you should know is that your diet reflects greatly on the growth and maintenance of your hair.  Instead of the usual junks, add a little more vegetable, fish, beans, soybeans, cereal and other foods, rich in iron and protein, this aids the hair growth and health. Attention should be paid to how the weather affects your hair. Have you ever been caught in the rain, your hair soaked to its root and water dripping from all edges? I’ve been there, and it is not a pretty sight to behold.

 At that point, your first instinct is to quickly dry the hair with a towel or hair dryer, and forget all about it. This is not entirely right. In such situations, what do you do? This might sound strange, but try to comb the hair gently from its root, before drying out. This way, you could save a lot of hair strands from roughly drying it out and combing it.

For those whose hair have proven to be a bone of contention, due to its texture, making it difficult to maintain and keep, this remedy is for you. You might have heard about the wonders of coconut oil and shea butter, well it works! Get a generous amount of shea butter and mixed it with coconut oil. You can put them in a container and mix them with your hands, then leave it for a while until it is thoroughly mixed. Rub this into your hair gently, making sure the roots and tip of hair have been touched. Cover your hair for a few minutes and feel the texture, now run a comb through it without having difficulties.

For uneven hair, learn to trim your hair every few weeks in order to get rid of the coloured and rough ends. Do this by cutting about 1/4th of an inch in order to disallow the split ends from reoccurring.

The more attention you pay to your hair, the easier it gets to show it off and feel confident in this look. So, be more caring to your hair and watch it surrender to your touch.


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This article was first published on 8th February 2019


Achem Deborah Ojochenemi, is 22 years old. She is in her final year at the University of Ilorin, studying Eng and literary studies. She has undergone training in various fields such as neuroscience, photography, communication and writing, where she has learnt to curate good content topics. She is presently an intern in Phursuns Photography Academy.

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