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Great Holiday Content Guide To Christmas Social Media Campaign


It is that time of the year when the holiday lights go up, music begins to play non-stop, and everyone is excited about the celebration and merriment that Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year bring. It is also that time of year when brands begin to flood our social media feeds with aggressive holiday campaigns in order to create more awareness of the goods and services they render.

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Every business knows the worth of holiday promotions, and they understand that they ought to make unique campaigns because the competition could get tough. The Christmas season is the perfect time for holiday campaigns because it could be the best time for a brand to make great sales, engage its clients, boost traffic, and create awareness.

Below are a great holiday content guide to creating Christmas-themed content and delighting your customers:

  • Edit your social media profile with some festive graphics or DIYs. Depending on the nature of the social media platform you are working with, use fitting décor that is relevant to your brand. You can also use customized holiday graphics that you can find on Canva.
  • Host a holiday giveaway. Nothing excites your followers and clients more than holiday discounts and giveaways. Giveaways are great for spurring massive engagements. Who doesn’t like free things? More people are going to follow you and with great following comes a wider network of clients.

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  • Acknowledge the reason for the season and cash in on your client’s sentiments. As a season of cheer, Christmas does one incredible thing: it initiates the spirit of togetherness amongst families. People want to spend time with their families, and share in the warmth, joy, and love that abound. If you can make a post on these holiday emotions, people are going to feel connected to your brands, and in turn, you would make great sales and boost traffic and shares on your site.
  • You could send warm wishes to your followers by doing a simple personal gesture. This gesture could be sharing your own recipe for holiday dishes and drinks, or posting a recorded video of your regular holiday life. Whatever this gesture could be, it should be interesting to your followers.
  • Create and use your own unique holiday hashtags. Encourage your followers to use hashtags when they post about your product. Do not forget to repost their submission and tag them.

Christmas social media campaigns could be fun and interesting only when you tap into the spirit of the season and the emotions that it evokes. So, take out time to write those warm, cheerful and engaging posts that will get you noticed in this season of cheer.

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Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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