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deola-sagoe1 One of Nigeria’s most prominent fashion designers, Deola Sagoe, has decided to make history in the film industry as well. Acting as  Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, the late mother of late afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, she appears a sight to behold. It is only befitting that a woman of such class should fill in such large shoes, eh? Deola-Sagoe-October- Deola-Sagoe-October October 1 is an upcoming movie directed by one of Nigeria’s finest producers, Kunle Afolayan. It sets its tale in September 1960, with Nigeria on the verge of independence from British colonial rule. A northern Nigerian Police Detective, DAN WAZIRI, is urgently despatched by the Colonial Government to the western region of Nigeria to solve a series of female murders that have struck horror in the hearts and minds of the local community. Deola-Sagoe- On getting there, more murders are committed, and with local tension high and volatile, Waziri has a race on his hands to solve the case before even more local women are killed. Set against the backdrop of the national celebratory mood of the impending independence, Waziri is pulled into a game of cat and mouse as he and the killer try to outwit each other, leading to the climatic end in which the life of a popular local female teacher and village belle, TAWA, is held in the balance. Waziri has to solve the crime before the British flag is lowered and the Nigerian flag raised on Independence Day. The cast of the movie include Sadiq Daba, Kehinde Bankole, David Bailie, Kayode Olaiya, Nick Rhys, Fabian Lojede, and Demola Adedoyin.

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This article was first published on 12th August 2013

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