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In recent years, fiat debit cards have become an acceptable means of payment. With the massive adoption of cryptocurrency, there are now crypto debit cards. Issued by crypto exchanges and payments companies in partnership with Mastercard and visa. Even with the crypto ban in Nigeria, people are still able to buy, sell and trade crypto through these exchanges and payment companies.

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Likewise, crypto debit cards are usable in Nigeria. They are like fiat debit cards except they are loaded with crypto. However, when you buy goods with it, the retailer receives fiat money as payment. Also, you can use it to withdraw cash from participating ATMs.

Below are crypto cards you can use to make payments.

Kudi Crypto Debit Card


The Kudi debit card is issued by the Nigerian company First Kudi. A fintech formerly known as Kudi Exchange and owned by TLG Ventures in partnership with Ferrum Network. The first Kudi supports fiat options including Ghanaian cedi and Kenyan shilling, as well as a bitcoin core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), the stable coin Gemini dollar (GUSD), and the native Ferrum Network Token (FRM). As a holder, you can use the card to turn crypto into traditional money or buy goods and services with bitcoin and naira. However, you need to have a Kudi account to order and use the wallet and the Verve-enabled card. When you withdraw Bitcoin to another wallet, you will pay 0.0005 BTC per transfer. If it is to withdraw fiat to a bank account, you will be charged 100 Naira ($0.27) for naira and $10 for U.S. dollars. Like POS transaction fee for bitcoin, naira, and dollars is 0.50%.

Patricia Bitcoin Atm card

The Patricia Bitcoin card is issued by Patricia Technologies. The card allows you to withdraw cash directly from your BTC and Nigerian naira wallets.

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As well as make POS payments, online transactions and transfer funds through ATMs just like debit cards issued by banks. However, you must register on Patricia to obtain the card. There’s more, you can use the card to access cash, pay bills, make over-the-counter transactions, and buy subscriptions.

Global Bitcoin Card

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The Global Bitcoin card is issued by Crypterium, an Estonia-based crypto payment and wallet provider. As a holder, you can spend cryptocurrencies at shops and withdraw fiat cash from ATMs in almost 180 countries around the world. It currently supports several major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, as well as Crypterium’s CRPT token. To get the card, you must download the Crypterium wallet first and install it on your phone. Once you have signed up, you will get a virtual card and a physical one. However, you can order them separately. In all, your card can be delivered to wherever you are including many countries not supported by other crypto card issuers.

Bitmama Physical and Virtual Crypto debit card


The crypto debit card is issued by Bitmama and powered by MasterCard. With the card, you can spend cryptocurrencies directly without converting them to fiat.

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You can also fund both cards with stable coins USDT, USDC and USD. Although you can only spend $10,000 monthly, it is still 9,900% more than the limit on fiat debit cards issued by Nigerian banks. A card issuance fee of $ 7 is required but it’s worth it. Since the card can be used for online payments on most platforms, including Bolt, Uber, Spotify, ASOS, eBay, Facebook, and AWS. Again, it has a walk in-store payment options such as POS terminals and can be used to withdraw from ATMs anywhere in the world.

Bottom line

The more businesses adopt crypto payments for goods and services, the more you will need to get a crypto debit card. You don’t have to wait till then since you can use them for online payments as a substitute for dollar cards. You can pre-order them from crypto exchanges and other providers. However, you may be charged for delivery.

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This article was first published on 28th June 2022


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