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The fashion trend is slowly taking a new turn and it’s time to run with it! This time, it has sided with the guinea brocade, and we are happy to present the wonders of this fabric to you. Sparkling with all shades of beauty, the guinea is one fabric to have in your wardrobe.  If you have ever been disappointed by a fabric, the guinea brocade is here to erase that memory. It’s promise is to give you reasons to wrap your body in its nicely fitted patterns. One amazing thing about this fabric is that it comes with its own design, you don’t have to go the extra mile to style it, a little magic is enough to make several heads turn.   Another wonderful feature, is that it welcomes both genders with open arms.  Owing to the varieties it presents in colours and designs, we can see why more attention is being paid to it, and yes, it is 100% African, another reason why its unique qualities cannot be matched. There are several ways to make the guinea brocade a success in any event.  Common amongst the women folk is the blouse and wrapper trend. This in every way speaks of elegance and simplicity. If you don’t think the wrapper and blouse style is your thing, the guinea fabric can also be used according to your choice of style. Blouses, skirts, gowns, and whatever you deem fit to wear, can be created from the guinea fabric. Awesome right?! It also has the power to accentuate those curves in all the right places, giving you the confidence you need to have on a regular, special, or whichever event you find yourself in. The men are not left behind in this aspect, as the guinea brocade caters for your choice of clothing in many forms.  When it comes to this beautiful fabric, you can never go wrong. Have you been thinking of trying out a new style and giving your wardrobe the spice that it needs, to keep up with the trend in the fashion world? The guinea brocade is waving at you! Also, while enjoying the benefits and wonders of the guinea fabric, you must always remember to keep it simple and classy. On its own, the fabric is embedded with all it takes to create a beautiful design, and a little too much can ruin the whole idea of the fabric. Make it work and compliment it by adding a little touch of design, embroidery, and whatever you please… just ensure you keep it cool. Blend the colours to suit the design, pick a style that matches your shape of body and rock it like the king or queen that you are. If you’re looking for simple and sophisticated, the guinea brocade is the way to go.   References : Legit NG Latest Guinea Styles for Ladies (2018) – Nigerian Facts   Featured image source:

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This article was first published on 24th January 2019


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