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Every business requires promotion to be successful. Promotion simply means spreading the word about your business and how it benefits potential customers. People who hear about you and your business, are more likely to patronise you. Conversely, you won’t get more customers if nobody knows you or your business. The NFTs markets also operate on this principle.

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NFTs changed the entire outlook of the creative industry by helping in the development of art and culture. It has also enabled many Nigerian artists to transform their lives tremendously. Again, it welcomes all artists both beginners and experts and gives them a chance to release their NFT collections or different artworks.

However, it’s important to understand that creating and minting an NFT isn’t enough. You have to promote your NFT collection or artwork. Many NFT collections and different artworks flood the NFTs market daily. If you don’t promote and build hype for your collection, they will be overshadowed by others. Consequently, you won’t be able to sell your works easily. If you are an artist looking to market your art Collection and become a visible artist in a sea of others, here are five free ways to promote your NFTs.

Add your dropped NFT to NFT Calendar

NFTs Calendar is the first calendar on the NFT market. It is a platform where several NFTs from different marketplaces are dropped. Generally, calendars are for collectors who don’t like the idea of searching for pieces from one marketplace to another. Thus, the best place for your released art alongside market places is the NFT Calendar.

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You can submit it for free, but it must be reviewed by the platforms team. If it meets their criteria, it will be posted on the platform to gain more visibility. They can even feature it on their Instagram and Twitter where they have gathered a community of NFT fans.

Social Media

Every demographic is on social media alongside NFTs groups and communities you can join. A sure way to promote your released NFTs is through social media. You can post them on your pages and that of the communities you joined after you have released them. You can even create awareness for it before it drops by posting teasers and snippets. You can join popular platforms that are used to showcase NFTs like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Medium. Talk about your NFT arts and why people should buy them.

Ask your friends and colleagues to support your release

As mentioned above, you can join NFTs groups and communities on social media. It is an opportunity to network and build online friendships with many people and these groups usually support their members. You not only post on the group, but you can also go a step further to ask your art friends and followers to share your NFTs Project on social media. Imagine how much it will explode if many people do that.

Use appropriate Hashtags

Posting your art may get it out to others but it won’t be enough. This is where hashtags come in. Appropriate and popular hashtags make the post very visible to many. Hashtags are used on almost all major social media platforms not just Instagram.

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To identify and use the right hashtags, watch out for the biggest NFTs creators and influencers on social media and check the ones they are using. Again, you can also browse different hashtags and see the most popular ones. When adding a new post, always use those hashtags to reach more people.

Create eye-catching Teaser

Nollywood production houses use teasers to draw attention to their movies. Likewise, you can use teasers to attract and show what your NFT Project is about. Teasers share information about something while making it intriguing and luring people to crave more. Also, they pique the interest of potential collectors, make them stay tuned for more details, and not miss the date of the release. Post your teaser on social media and, also, give it to the marketplace to use on its website and social media channels.

Final Words

As an artist, you will want to sell your collection as fast as possible. Therefore, you must make sure that you have a solid presence on different channels. You can use all or as many of these strategies instead of relying on one. You may even your NFT for free, and spend your time promoting them on free channels that don’t cost money.

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This article was first published on 28th July 2022


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