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FinTech: A New Era Of Financial Services


Recently, there has been an emergence of new innovations and process disruptions in Financial Technology. Many fintech start-ups are looking for new pathways to successful business models, also enhancing customer experience, and approaches that result in the transformation of service delivery. The fintech innovation mapping approach enables the assessment of the extent to which there are changes and transformations in financial services.

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These innovations have begun to leverage the execution and stakeholder value associated with payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cross-border payments. Also, multiple innovations have affected lending and deposit services, peer-to-peer lending, and issues with respect to investments, financial markets, trading, risk management, robo-advisory and services influenced by blockchain and fintech innovations.

Financial Technologies have now become an important part of banking. Due to the flexibility and functionality in its aggregation of services, fintech being integrated into businesses now allows banks to have a competitive advantage with nonfinancial institutions which provide, for example, payment services. These recent innovations now require banks to invest more in fintech as people are now more driven by the results and recommendations given to take advantage of this modern approach to finance for their own benefit.

Fintech has widely grown on its promise to expand access to the financial system, by providing services to traditionally unserved or underserved populations. Increasingly, the better and faster service models offered by fintech startups are disrupting the already existing banking system. Also, financial products that have been the traditionally exclusive domain of licensed credit institutions payment services and loans, among others, are now being offered by fintech firms.

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These smaller and more agile companies support a greater diversity of products and providers; they promise greater portability of financial products that are now digitized. Fintech covers digital innovations and model innovations in the financial sector of businesses that are technology-enabled. Such innovations can provide new gateways for entrepreneurship and democratize access to financial services,

The advantages of fintech far outweigh the risks, fintech innovations become more persuasive in everyday transactions, as their adoption increase, as they become more inclusive and as open regulatory frameworks allow them to grow. Now, incumbent financial institutions have no choice but to reconsider their strategic markets and choices, as they begin to create opportunities for strategic collaborations with fintech start-ups.

Fintech is a huge success among millennials, among the younger generations, most motivated to exploit the innovations that lie ahead of them.

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