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Finances are one of the most crucial parts of building a successful home. You need to ensure you and your spouse are compatible financially, and are able to complement each other by taking profitable financial decisions. One of the ways to ascertain financial compatibility is to have discussions about it and these are topics to discuss with your spouse.

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Financial mistakes

You must be comfortable enough to reveal financial mistakes you have made and taken, so that your spouse understands your vulnerability and lapses, with the aim to assist you in them. For you to be able to freely discuss your money mistakes, you must have taken out time to understand how you made them, and what you should have done differently. This would help you articulate your mistakes, without playing the victim card. It also makes your spouse know that you are taking responsibility for your actions.

Financial status

It is important for your spouse to have an idea of your net worth, assets and liabilities. This will help both you and your spouse to realistically build a future together, armed with this knowledge. This information will also help you know how to build an upward financial trajectory, that will greatly influence your relationship with your spouse.

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Financial goals

To grow in life, you must first know your current status and then where you are headed. It is also paramount that you identify what you must do to get to your destination. This is what goals help to achieve. Your goals might be dependent on the cooperation of your spouse for them to come into fruition so it is important that your spouse is aware, and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Financial structure

Financial structure is what ensures continuity of financial goals and plans. You and your spouse must determine if your finances will be taken care of together, in a joint account or in separate accounts. You must decide what ratio is given to expenditure and the other to savings. You must also determine how to budget and what your recurring expenses look like. If this discussion is not had with your spouse, it is very easy for your actions to be counterproductive as your spouse could well work against you unknowingly as you set out to build a financial structure.

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Financial management

Based on the track record of financial growth you and your spouse have, you must be ready to appoint a manager for your family’s finances. In managing the finances, there must still be accountability and involvement of both spouses. However, it is important that someone is dedicated to solely managing the finances for structure and clarity sake.

As you discuss these with your partner, you must specify the different means of communication and conflict resolution mechanisms should a dispute or disagreement occur. It is critical to know firsthand who to talk to, seek approval from, make negotiations with, and all other things needed for a smooth sailing financial relationship. And with time, there will be consistent financial progression experienced by both spouses in the course of their financial journey.

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This article was first published on 22nd April 2022


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