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Nancy Isime, the actress and media personality, literally has money on her fingers. Her fashion choice has received mixed reactions.
In some short videos shared by Nancy Isime on her Instagram story, it was noticed that what appeared to be a 20 dollar bill was shredded into pieces to be attached to the media personality’s artificial nails. 
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Nail art is very common, about 2 of every 10 females in Nigeria fix artificial nails: long, short, acrylic, mixed colours, press on nails, and many more. However, it is uncommon and rare to find anyone adding any country currency to their artificial nails. According to Nancy, she had decided to try something different with her nails. She also added that money is on her mind. From her mind, she decided to transfer the money to her nails probably as a visual representation of her mind.
Instagram – @nancyisimeofficial
She posted the pictures on February 14, valentine’s day. She wore a huge smile on her face as she posed for pictures in an aeroplane. The actress and media personality showed the process of getting her nails done on her Instagram stories. Nancy Isime had her nail technician make nail arts with $20 bills which were ripped and then placed on the plastic nails before they were painted. The dollar bill she used is yet to be identified as real or fake. While some believe it is real, others are of the opinion that it is totally fake. She used the dollar bill to decorate all her ten fingers. Nancy’s nails did not go unnoticed by citizens. While some appreciated her creativity, many felt using the dollar bill was disrespectful to America and Americans. Others even opined that it was illegal and she could be arrested or denied a visa. Some thought she was wasting money as she could give it to those in need.
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She doesn’t seem bothered by the negativity surrounding her choice of nails, she obviously loves her dollar nails as she makes sure to show it off in all the pictures she posted on her Instagram page after fixing her nails. She is currently in South Africa living her baby girl life and flaunting her nails as much as she can. Some bashing she received on Instagram:  o.z.z.e.e: “This is abuse of currency…you can be arrested for this. There are better nails to make…mtchew”. magnificent_lupo “You get mind cut dollar to customize your nails 💅? Madam u fall my hand na. That’s not right. If America deny you visa now you go dey complain” o_d_xtrem: “I hope your nails are fake Cos you can’t just mess with US currency like that, it too illegal 🤡”. realfeelings7701: “I’m desperately trying to understand did you cut a real $20 dollar bills for your nails? Real value for tasteless clout?” Sir_tijaja: “Thought she was smarter than this.”   Sharon____king: “I hope she knows she can be arrested for this it’s illegal to do this to the US currency, I hope it’s fake sha cos if they decide to take this up, it won’t even be funny.”  Domingo_loso: “Omo make American govt no see this one o, especially if you visit their country.”  Eresi_12_: “Even if it’s really dollar note. And so? What are you trying to prove? Things we see in this social media.”  Ginalwaliu: “American don’t joke with their currencies.”  Valentine_chiemeziem: “That’s a big disrespect to the US currency and you’re lucky you’re not at their reach.” What do you think of Nancy’s nails? Creative or trash? To what extent do you think nail art should be?  Featured Image Source: Instagram – @nancyisimeofficial
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This article was first published on 18th February 2022


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