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Fascinators are fashionable headpieces worn by women. Fascinators have their origin in England. It is usually worn by female members of the royal family.

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A fascinator is different from other headpieces like caps, hats, scarves, etc. It doesn’t cover every part of the female’s head. Simple fascinator designs can be worn for everyday activities while complex designs are usually worn to events and parties. A fascinator is a great fashion accessory to compliment your outfit.

People whose occupation is the production of fascinators are referred to as milliners. Milliners are usually very creative people because the production of a fascinator is nothing short of a creative process.

Fascinators are purely ornamental. It doesn’t protect the head from unfavorable weather conditions. When wearing a fascinator, you have to make sure your hair is properly done, unlike other headpieces that can cover rough and unplaited hair.

Moreover, fascinators are very easy to wear and remove. It makes the wearer look classy and unique as the headpiece originated from royalty. Fascinators make you look stylish; distinct from what others are wearing.

The fascinator can be worn by any female, irrespective of their age, social status, tribe, etc. In the past few years, women in Nigeria are wearing fascinators more. It is commonly worn in churches, wedding ceremonies, etc.

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Fashion entrepreneurs can make fascinators to sell and make money or just learn it for themselves. It is not difficult to create but you need to practice from time to time and be very consistent with it.

Materials needed for making a fascinator


Hatters Millinery supplies

Millinery wire is very important in making fascinators. It is used to define and reinforce the edges of the fascinator. It gives shape to the fascinator and can be used to create different designs and decorations. There are different millinery wires to choose from.



It comes in a tube and is clear. It has great adhesion and dries relatively quickly. Uhu gum is mostly used by milliners because it is very effective.



Bias binding, also known as bias tape, is a narrow strip of folded fabric that has been cut on the bias. Bias tape is used to give fascinators a clean and neat finishing. It comes in different colors.


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Needle and thread are used to make fascinators. Asides from uhu gum, it is used to join fascinator pieces together.

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It is usually easier to use the long-hand needle. Also, the thread should match the color of the fascinator.


Fascinators can be attached to headbands or hair clips, whichever you prefer. The fascinator design done on headbands are usually simple and can be worn for day-to-day activities.


Feathers come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns; also, you can customize the look of feathers by cutting them and cutting designs along their borders.


The materials used in making fascinators vary as it depends on the type of fascinator you are making. One of the easiest ways to learn how to make fascinators in Nigeria is through Youtube.

The materials needed for making fascinator are very easy to buy and are very affordable. You can make a fortune out of selling fascinators if you want to.



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This article was first published on 10th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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