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Owing your own fashion business is a great feat to achieve. Being your boss gives you an edge over many things. You get to call the shot and stir your business in the direction you deem fit. However, owning a fashion business is not a luxury everyone can afford.

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For you to own fashion business in Nigeria, you need money. Money and fashion designing skills. Money is the number one. Some fashion designers in Nigeria don’t know how to sew a basic top, yet they run successful fashion businesses.

Many are skilled in the art of fashion designing but due to one factor or the other, they don’t own a fashion house. Their skills cannot lay waste, they have to be utilized.

This article will answer a few questions concerning fashion job vacancies in Nigeria.

1. How much do fashion jobs pay in Nigeria?

It depends on the workload, job requirement, and skill set needed for the job. Various fashion vacancies in Nigeria require a specific fashion skill set. The payment structure differs and it depends on the employee’s agreement with their employer.

Some pay you a monthly salary, which is average from about thirty thousand nairas to one hundred thousand naira. Others pay you a percentage of the work done daily or weekly.

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Full-time fashion staff is usually more paid than part-time staff. Though, in Nigeria, most fashion jobs require full-time employees.

2. Do I need a particular educational qualification to apply for fashion jobs in Nigeria?

Different fashion jobs have different requirements. For some, you have to have at least finished secondary school or have a university degree while other employers are indifferent to your educational background. However, you should be able to communicate well.

3. What kind of job vacancy can one apply for?

There are various fashion job vacancies in Nigeria. Few are:

i. Fashion designer: You will be expected to be able to sketch designs and sew very well. You have to be creative and your designs must be loved by the client.

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ii. Fashion Tutor: Fashion tutors are mostly required in fashion schools. You will be tasked with the responsibility of teaching fashion students things they need to know. Fashion tutors are usually given course outlines to work with.

iii. Stylist: As a stylist, you are responsible for the overall look of the client. Mostly, stylists work for big fashion brands. The job of a stylist is not very rampant in Nigeria. Many stylists are usually freelancers. They are employed based on contract, commission, or a part-time basis.

iv. Tailors: You are to recreate styles already in vogue. You have to be conversant with cutting and sewing as many styles are required of you. You may also be tasked with the responsibility of sewing a particular design in large quantity.

4. Where can you search for fashion jobs in Nigeria?

Mostly, fashion jobs can be found online. A few places you can search are Myjobmag, Linkedin, Olist, Jiji, Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, etc. It can also be found offline.

5. Do fashion jobs provide accommodation?

Yes and No. Some fashion jobs provide accommodation while some don’t. For fashion jobs that provide accommodation, the workload is more and you must be a full-time employee.


Both males and females apply for fashion jobs. There are numerous fashion job vacancies across Nigeria. All you need to do is check those relevant to you and apply.

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This article was first published on 29th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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