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When it comes to starting a fashion business, amongst other key factors to consider, location is paramount. Whether you own a physical or online store, your location can either make or mar your business.

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One of the locations people consider when starting their fashion business in Lagos State. It is an open secret that Lagos houses a majority of the prominent fashion brands in Nigeria.

Lagos is a hub of entertainment and a center of many events and activities in Nigeria. Most entertainment, economic, and political-related events are done in Lagos. Prominent modeling, music, fashion, and award shows are mostly done in Lagos.

Many fashion brands in Nigeria, either have headquarters or branches in Nigeria. When you think of the top fashion brands in Nigeria: hair extensions and products, fashion designers and stylists, make-up, skincare, jewelry, shoes, bags, nails, massage palors, etc. One will discover that they are mostly in Lagos.

It should be noted that this article aims to point out the advantages of starting different niches of fashion business in Lagos.

Whether you stay in Lagos or other parts of Nigeria, hard work and consistency amongst other factors determine the success of any worthwhile fashion business.

Here are two fashion brands that have to take great advantage of the ‘Lagos factor‘.

1. Matopeda Atelier

OmaStyle Bride

Matopeda is a fashion designer of women’s wear including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and reception dresses based in Lagos, Nigeria.

When it comes to designing dresses that shape our female body type, Matopeda is the boss. Her clients and followers have always commended her for creating fitting dresses for females Irrespective of their body type.

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She has designed Chiomagoodhair for real housewives of Lagos, Adesua Etomi for AMVCA’8, Toke Makinwa for AMVCA’8, Sophia, a YouTuber outfit for her 24th birthday, Bonang cape dress in South Africa for the real wives of Lagos premiere in Lagos, etc.

Most of Matopeda‘s clients are based in Lagos. Therefore, it is easier for them to book appointments and fittings.

Some of her designs are:

Sophia Green Mini

Uwana Burnt Orange Maxi

The Flame Dress

Green Debbie Dress

Osas Gold Mirror

Green Mirror Dress

The Flame Dress with Colours

The Gazelle dress – Midi

Chioma Yellow Mini Dress

Osas Velvet Dress, and many others.

2. Anita Brows

Exquisite Magazine

One name that pops up in your mind, when make-up artists are mentioned in Nigeria is Anita Brows. Anita Adetoye is one of the biggest make-up artists in Nigeria.

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She is the founder and creative director of one of the biggest makeup brands in Nigeria, Anita Brows.

Anita revealed that she never learned makeup formally but by practicing what she learned on YouTube videos.

Being one of the biggest make-up artists in Nigeria and located in Lagos, she is responsible for the many glam looks of some Nigerian female celebrities. She is usually referred to as a makeup surgeon and beauty educator.

She has glammed celebrities like Toke Makinwa for Inidimaokojie‘s traditional wedding, Sharon Ooja for Inidimaokojie traditional wedding, and a host of others.

Numerous successful fashion brands in Nigeria are based in Lagos, you can be one of them



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Featured Image source: OmaStyle Bride
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This article was first published on 30th May 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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