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Nigeria’s story is an interesting one for several reasons. From the colonial days to independence and now post-independence, it is a story of a young man treading through life and on a growth journey, albeit, many people see it in different perspectives.

Although agriculture is not as widely accepted and invested into like crude oil, many Nigerians have created a platform for themselves to invest the little they have to support this growing sector of the economy. Over the last decade, the infusion of technology in agriculture has made it more accepted and easily accessible to the digital generation who are still involved in white collar jobs but believe in providing resource for people, usually in the rural communities, to expand their production process.

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While this has achieved a lot with the likes of FarmCrowdy and ThriveAgric, there are many loopholes in the production process that people can still build a business from. One of the companies that identifies a problem in the process and seeks to build a business solution around it is Farm4Me.

Farm4Me is a Nigerian agritech company that connects investors with farmers by providing digital farm management, farm equipment procurement, commodity trading, and agribusiness consultancy. With over 52,000 registered farmers and job provision for about 24,000 people, Farm4Me has created a niche for themselves in just 9 months of starting.

Identifying the challenge of access to modern farm equipment for mechanized farming, Farm4Me has created a strong network of online network and referrals to aggregate the largest number of farm equipment in Nigeria. Their inventory has grown from a few tractors to over 3000 tractors for ploughing, harrowing and ridging, as well as bulldozers for land clearing, planters, harvesters, sprayers, irrigation sets and other modern mechanized farming equipment.

Speaking on the future of farm equipment rental service, Mr. Adama J. Adama, the CEO said, “Right now, the demand for farm equipment is more than we can supply. We are looking forward to partnering with farm equipment manufacturers in Asia to supply over 10,000 farm equipment with a flexible payment option. We also call on federal, state governments and commercial banks to team up with us to work out a long term procurement arrangement that will make more farm equipment available for farmers in Nigeria.”

The company partners with state governments, farming cooperatives aggregators, farming cooperatives and smallholder farmers in Nigeria to invest in agriculture and create job for youths and women.

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This article was first published on 6th February 2020


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