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  The beauty of a developing country like Nigeria is that every day, a new spot with great tourism potential emerges. Some of these places have existed but have never been major tourist attractions. Others have been tourist attractions to only those within its locale but have not yet announced to the world on a bigger platform.
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Today we will look at some interesting places to check out on the Nigerian tourism scene:  

Eko Pearl Towers 

The Eko Pearl Towers project is Eko Atlantic's residential development
Eko Atlantic is an elevated city built within Victoria Island, Lagos. It has a 9km long canal that runs through the coastal city, and boats can dock at the marina. They planted trees along the sidewalk of the interlocking tiles that pave the road. Adding an element of nature and beauty to the clean aesthetic of the place. The Eko Pearl towers are the most notable building on this patch of land. There are other high-rise buildings being constructed here too, like Azuri Towers. At the edge of Eko Atlantic has rock boulders, perched against the white sands with scanty grasses. It’s a cool place to hang out for a walking tour or you can take a dip in the beautiful pool near the towers.

Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island, Cross river - Places
Hotels NG
First off, let us clarify that this is not an actual island in Cross River State. When people hear of Marina Resort in Calabar, what makes it popular is Tortuga Island. This beautifully landscaped area comprises three plantations and a bar. The food served here is delicious, and they lined walkways with well-trimmed hedges. A few feet from Tortuga Island is the Marina Resort’s Cinema and the Slave Trade Museum. So don’t worry about ever getting bored here. Tortuga Island is ideal for a romantic stroll, sitting in and relaxing after a city tour of Calabar town.
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Anunuebe Tree

anunuebe - Opera News Nigeria
Opera News
There is a popular tree in Igboland that is an endangered tree species. Somewhere in a forest in Anambra state, far from where people live, is this tree often called Anunu-ebe (because no birds perch on it), the tree of life and death. It stands as a lone tree with a contorted trunk that seems to have cravings embedded in it. The surrounding folklore suggests it is a sacred tree that only a Dibia can approach with many incantations. Even if no living thing can go near the tree and survive (which we do not believe), this gigantic tree still makes a nice statement in a photograph of the area as a tourism spot.

Jabi Lake

The Jabi Lake and Mall Abuja - Shopping Centre and Lake Side By Side - GoAfrica.Tourism
Go Africa Tourism
This man-made lake is a hotspot in Abuja. The gorgeous scenery, when coupled with inexpensive attractions, make for a fun place to hang out. The attractions around Jabi Lake include taking a boat ride (using a canoe or speedboat) on the Jabi Lake, and having a picnic or going horseback riding, biking or roller skating at the Jabi Lake Park. Also within the Lake’s premises is the Jabi Lake Mall where you can go shopping or enjoy using the free Wi-Fi. Last but not least on the list of attractions at Jabi Lake is the Jabi Lake club. Here you can have the beach feel of white sand and Brollies for shade. You can also enjoy other water sporting activities here like kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and peddling. The aesthetics of the boat club are mesmerizing as the bamboo constructed area interplays with the colours of the paintings and furnishing around. Have you ever been to these spots? What other locations would you advise people to check out in Nigeria? Featured Image Source: Review Naija
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This article was first published on 4th June 2021


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