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  After any hard day’s work, reward yourself with an excellent dining experience. A dining experience is more than just the meal eaten. It is the ambience, the service and the value you get for your money spent.
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Below are a few cool restaurants in Abuja for you can try for a unique experience:

The Pasha

This Lebanese restaurant brings Middle Eastern meals to Africa. Even the feel of the place is reminiscent of North Africa in colour scheme and aesthetic space. Greenery surrounds the open Terrance with a water-pot fountain center piece, making outdoor eating relaxing. On Mondays, Ladies can get a glass of chapman drink for only N2,000. The colourful textured artwork on the interior walls (for those who prefer to eat inside), earth coloured furniture and artistic food presentation makes this place a must-see. Address: No. 11 Cassandra Street off Usuma Street Maitama, Abuja.

Atrium restaurant

If you are looking to flex on a budget, then this is your stop. Their African restaurant is all right. You can get a complete meal with drink/water for N1,500 here. They punctuated the location with hues of black, white and green with pops of fushia pink and orange dotting the place. The ambience is awesome, it has dim lights & chandeliers for night time, sofas for group hangouts and tables for four. This restaurant has a nature feel of plastic leaves draping from the roof and potted plants on the walls and in-between seating arrangements. Address: No. 32 Ekukinam street, Utako, Abuja.
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Cantina by Sinclair

If being serenaded to a live band (Jazz music) while you eat is your thing, you’re in luck. At Cantina Sinclair, every Saturday by 7pm, you can have this experience. Their meals are tasty and affordable, the décor and food presentation are artistic. Outdoor dining among ferns comes with the package too. You can expect Mexican and Italian meals here. You want food on a platter or dangling skewered proteins? You’ve got it here. They even have themed events like wine tasting night, national pina colada day, midweek pub nights, etc. You can even enjoy a 10% discount on all meals ordered from their mobile app on Monday-Thursday. Address: No. 30 Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja.

Darkroom by Yellow plate

Although the name implies eating in darkness, that is not the case with this restaurant. You’ll at least be able to see your meal, thanks to the lights from the bar area. Their food is super tasty and plenteous if I might add. They have Happy Hour every Thursday 6-9pm and Friday 4-8pm where they sell cocktails and mocktails for N3,500 for those who come to dine in. There are also three amazing Saturday and Sunday brunch packages for N5000 each complete with fruits, juice/tea and delicious proteins. So if you love a generous serving, this is the place for you. Address: No. 12 Goba Close, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Kapadocia The Cave Restaurant

The restaurant is not called the cave for nothing. They actually designed it with P.O.P. to look like you are eating inside an actual cave. Old school lanterns hang from the ceiling in big knotted ropes and a mini spring on the side creates the illusion of a waterfall. The furnishing however, is modern and tasteful. The food is presented in high quality restaurant style, i.e. artistically. But be ready to wait long for it though. They are strictly open from 11 am daily (Monday – Sunday) but it is strictly on reservation which you need to confirmed within a 2 hour window. Everything about this place is mind-blowing. Address: No. 2 Kinda Street, Wuse 2 Abuja Phone Number: 08020615379   Which of these have you tried? Share your experience with us. Featured Image Source: Commit To Travel
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This article was first published on 10th June 2021


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